At the 9/11 Memorial

Thursday morning we were at the 9/11 Memorial early, to take the first guided tour of the day. I have been to the Memorial several times, but never taken this tour, and it was so meaningful. I had seen this wall every time, of course, but learned that the tiles were painted to reflect how beautifully blue the sky was that day. kThere are 2994 tiles, one for each person who died that day. And each tile is hung sort of off center – not in straight columns – to represent the individuality of each victim. And behind the wall is an office of the NYC Medical Examiner, along with all of the remains of victims who have never been identified from the attacks. They will continue to be tested as DNA testing improves, although our tour guide says some families have asked not to be notified if their loved one’s remains are ever identified. It was pretty emotional just knowing that was there.

I remembered seeing the Survivor Tree when we were there before, and wanted Jeff and the girls to see it, too. Here are a couple of pictures.