Leesy’s Junior Prom

Saturday afternoon we headed over to Boo and Shea’s house to see Elise in all her finery, getting ready to head off to her junior prom.  She looked so, so pretty as she descended the stairs to her admiring throng.100_7156

Her best friend from forever, Mary Catherine, who isn’t old enough for prom yet, did come over to see Leesy all decked out, too.  What a special afternoon we had!100_7168

Mallory’s Spring Chorus Performance

Mallory is in the Bethany Elementary School Chorus again this year, and last week was their spring performance.  They sang a couple of cute songs, but the biggest part of the performance was selections from “Les Miserables.”  They learned a lot about the actual story of the musical, which Mal really enjoyed, and they did such a good job with the performance.  In this picture, though, she is the fourth grader that was helping the fifth graders sing The Cup Song.  Her cousin Chelsea had taught her this song long ago, so I wasn’t surprised she was pulled out to help sing it – she’s been singing it in the back seat of my car for years, I believe.100_7131

Here’s a picture of the entire group, along with her music teacher, Mrs. Bailes, during the Les Mis portion of the performance.  Mallory is on the far right on the second row.  They did a great job!100_7134

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday Mallory & Clara came back to the house after I picked them up at school, and we decided that we’d do a little baking then, too.  Here they are cracking eggs to go in some pecan pies.100_7119

Mal & Clara stayed at the house for supper and showers, and then we took them home on our way to June’s softball game.  That’s June in the red shirt on second base.  It was a victory for the Gladiators – woo hoo!100_7121

Some Catching Up

With no internet at home now, I’m a little behind on my picture posting, but am trying to get a little bit of catching up done today.  These are from LAST Friday – ten days ago now.  It had been raining all week, and still was that day, so Mason & I decided to go ahead & spend the morning making sugar cookies.  Rolling anything out with flour is surely one of the messiest kitchen jobs there is – but also one of the funnest.  We also made baskets out of paper plates to put the cookies in.  Here is Mason decorating his paper plates before we got them all stapled together.100_7113


Mase and I got the cookies baked before lunch and naptime, so they were ready when June got there after school for us to ice and decorate.  This was sort of a last minute plan, so luckily we still had some icing in the refrigerator that Mason had colored when he made a zombie caterpillar a while before.  The cookies were sort of drab looking, which matched the weather perfectly.100_7117

Mallory’s 4th Grade Field Trip

Yesterday I was able to go with Mallory’s 4th grade class for the day on their field trip to Charleston.  It really was such fun.  Lindee went, and Jackson’s mom Emma, but we drove down in Lindee’s car – only teachers on the bus.  We spent the morning at the South Carolina State Aquarium – I’d never been before, and we are definitely going to have to go back to spend more time there.  The ocean fish tank was two stories tall, and was just really something.  We watched the Dive Show, and I think it said it was the deepest in the eastern United States.  Very cool.


Another big hit was the albino alligator.  He was way back in his enclosure, so I couldn’t get a great picture, but it did remind Lindee & me of the one we saw at the zoo we visited in New Orleans.  The kids were very excited about this guy.100_7082+(2)

Sack lunches on the grounds at the aquarium. and then we headed over to Patriot’s Point, where we boarded a ferry for the half hour ride out to Fort Sumter – another place I’d never been. Here are Mallory and some of her friends enjoying the ride.  Good, good times, for sure…100_7097

Mallory’s 10th Birthday Party

What an awesome day we had today celebrating Mal’s 10th birthday.  Her party was at our church, and it was An Afternoon in Paris.  This kid LOVES Paris.  The girl that has done Lindee’s cakes for forever is no longer baking, so she had to try a new bakery in Gastonia.  How beautiful did this cake turn out?  I ***loved*** it.  And it was yummy, too 🙂100_7036

One of the games they played was finding little pictures of Eiffel Towers that Jackson and Clara had hidden all over the church lobby.  They had fun doing that.  Here they are mid hunt.  Lindee is just such a great party planner.  Good, good times.100_7051

Friday Pix

What a good day we had yesterday.  Addie is only working every other Friday now, so I don’t always have them on our old regular schedule.  Yesterday we did, though, and Mason & I spent the morning making creamsicle pies.  They were pretty tasty.  Here he is stirring away.100_7027

Then in the afternoon, when June got here after school, we tried making the bubble bombs like I’d made with Mallory & Clara earlier in the week.  Obviously Lindee had better ziplock bags than I did, because they worked better at her house, but June & Mase still thought it was great fun.  In this picture they’re putting their soda packets together to drop down in the baggies of vinegar and water.100_7028

Tuesday Pictures

Tuesday afternoon was a busy one after I picked the girls up from school.  There was so much going on that we decided at the last minute to just go to their house to hang out until we had to be at Pizza Man for an early supper at 4:30, for their school’s fundraiser.  They do love for me to have an activity plan in the afternoons when we’re together, and I hadn’t grabbed anything when I left the house that morning, so we just scrambled and found the supplies we needed to make bubble bombs outside in their driveway.  They were a hit – I told Lindee I’d definitely be needing to restock her supply of vinegar :-).100_7014

Then after Pizza Man I headed to York to take in June’s softball game – their first time playing in the rain! – and then back to the auditorium to meet my friend Evelyn, to see the final show of the season there, Nashville Live.  It was great – one of my favorites of the year, for sure.  Plus the School District Art Show was still on display, and I remembered to take my camera in with me, so I could take a picture of Clara’s masterpiece that was chosen to be entered into the show.  How cute is this – her Mardi Gras mask?  It was a fun, busy day.100_7023