Last night June had quite the cheering section at her volleyball game.  Her Aunt Jenny & Adam came from Rock Hill; her Aunt Lindee & Clara worked their gold & soccer practice schedules to be there.  And of course her parents, brother, and grandparents.  I got this picture of her with everyone after the game.

National Junior Honor Society Induction

Last night I was at Clover Middle School to see June reap the benefits of her hard work.  To qualify for this honor, she had to make all A’s, all year, last year.  So proud!  I thought this picture of her turned out so cute.

She was obviously tired of getting her picture made, though, by the time we got to the family photo 🙂

Volleyball again

Last night we were back at the gym again, this time at Dutchman Creek Middle School in Rock Hill, to cheer June and her Lady Eagle teammates on.  For the first time this season, win or lose, they had to play three games to decide the match – and Clover came out on top.  It was very exciting.

Afterwards with her teammate Marli.  Addie and Marli’s mom Amy went through high school together, so it’s been fun watching June and Marli playing together.

Mason’s 10th birthday party

Saturday afternoon Mase had his party here at our house.  The kids brought their nerf guns – and some brought extras to share – and they played Capture the Flag in teams.  It looked like all had a good time.

Taking a break to blow out his cupcake candles & open gifts 🙂

At the BMX Track

Friday night we were back cheering the boys on.  Both did great – Charlie won both his first moto and the main, despite not having raced in a month, and Adam came in third.  So proud of these guys!  The pictures aren’t great, but at least I got a couple of Charlie – on the orange bike.  The ones I tried to take of Adam didn’t turn out at all.  Next time!

Cross Country Meet

Got this photo of our runner and his Papa after the meet at Anne Springs Close Greenway last week.  Charlie was excited because on this course they actually ran through a creek!

On the way home

Charlotte & I did just a tiny bit of sightseeing on our way home last Monday.  We stopped at the Whitewater Falls overlook, and thought this view looking down at Lake Jocassee was absolutely gorgeous.

As were the falls themselves – the tallest one east of the Rockies.  Great way to end our adventure.

Highland Waterfalls

Sunday morning Charlotte & I went to church at Highlands FUMC, then ran back to the room to change into our play clothes and grab a snack, and then we were off to check out the local waterfalls.  First stop was Bridal Veil Falls.  At one time you could drive behind it, but the road is too unstable now, to it is blocked.  You could stand behind it, though, and Charlotte got this picture of me doing that.

From there we drove down the very curvy Highway 64 to Dry Falls, so named not because they are dry – we wondered about that – but because you can walk behind them and stay (mostly) dry.  You could walk on around to the other side of the falls, and I took this picture from there.  It was a beautiful day to be out visiting the falls – but then, any day is good to visit a waterfall.

Unfinished Business

Saturday night while Charlotte & I were on our birthday trip, we took a ghost tour in Franklin.  I have been on ghost tours before, in both Savannah and Gettysburg, and they are always good.  This one was no exception.  Our tour guide owns the company, Where Shadows Walk, that puts them on, and he was just a wealth of information about the town, not just about the ghosts.  It was a two hour tour, and it really ended up lasting about 2 1/2 hours, just Here he is in front of the old building that houses the Historical Society, telling about some of the ghosts in this area.

OK – I’m not gonna lie. This was bizarre. We went to the graveyard, and the tour guide gave us each two sort of L-shaped pieces of coat hanger wire. You held them straight out – he said like you used to hold a cap pistol when you played cops & robbers as a kid. Very loosely, with your thumbs not even touching them. Then when you walked over a grave, the wires would cross. And sure enough, they did. He said it was the remnant of energy left in the bodies, ever many, many years after they had died. It was bizarre. I asked him if did he think maybe we were subconsciously moving them ourselves – although I’m not gonna lie, I was holding them so loosely I thought they might fall out of my hands. He said he really didn’t think so. He said he found it comforting, because in the Bible it says that at the second coming the graves will open and the dead in Christ will arise. And he said he thinks that is what this is waiting for. Sure enough, it didn’t happen on every grave. Very interesting.  I got this picture of Charlotte in action.