Andrew’s birthday celebration

Yesterday for supper we celebrated Andrew’s birthday here at the house.  Jenny, Lee, & Lindee had to work, so they missed the party – actually none of Lindee’s family was able to make it – but the rest of us had a good time.  We had a big bonfire.  The original plan had been to roast hotdogs over the first, but when we realized that the accumulation of brush that Jeff had been gathering for the last six months (our Christmas tree was actually in there!) included some foam rubber, and who knows what else, we decided just to enjoy the fire, and cook the dogs on the grill.  It was quite the display.get-attachment

Group shot before everyone started heading home:  Addie, Boo, birthday boy Andrew, & Jeff behind Mason, June, Charlie, & Adam.  It was a fun evening.get-attachment


Playing with Abby

Yesterday my brother Zollie came down from King to visit and share his pictures with us from his & Renee’s killer vacation to Colorado and Montana.  Renee wasn’t feeling well, so wasn’t able to join him.  The pictures and stories he shared were amazing – but my grandkids were most excited about the buddy he brought along with him – Abby the dog :-).  Another good afternoon.get-attachment


Pool Pictures

My friend Charlotte & her husband Bob are so generous with their pool every summer.  Yesterday, when all three of the grandsons were here, we headed over to take advantage of it – and Charlotte and Bob weren’t even in town!  I couldn’t really get the picture centered in the screen on the camera – too bright – but it was a gorgeous day, and we all had a ball.get-attachment


Adam has turned into quite the little water flipper :-).  What a good, good time we had.get-attachment

Cousins Sleepover

Charlie & Adam stayed over last night while their mom & dad went to a concert, and Mason was still here spending the day when they arrived.  The cousins had so much fun together that Mason decided to join them in their overnight.  Here are that sweet Adam & Mason checking out a scary book Charlie had checked out of the library…get-attachment

…and working on the “biggest tent ever.”  What a fun day we had.get-attachment


Art & Ag Tour 2014

Sunday afternoon my friend Becky & I took in a couple of farms, our first time participating in this new annual event.  It was just great.  Our first stop was Rocky Ridge Farm, here in town.  It was very hot, so most of the animals were in the shade or were pretty lethargic, but the gardens were beautiful, and we had fun checking out the little cabin there where they had items made on the farm, or by other local suppliers.  We actually spent the most time while we were at that location with the beekeepers – very interesting.  She opened up a container of the comb, just as they’d gotten it out of the hives, & picked up a dead bee that was in it.  She said that if anyone would eat a dead bee, they’d get a free jar of honey – and this guy jumped right on it.  She said she’d never had any takers before :-).  That was funny.get-attachment

Next stop was Inman Farms in York.  It was a farm from 1893, I believe it said, and you could take a walking tour around several of the old buildings.  The corn crib looked to be about the oldest, but the sun was so bright and hot I didn’t get a good picture.  Still, it was just such a neat old place.  We’re definitely putting it on our calendar to check out next year.get-attachment

Yesterday was the actual Festival of Tables at church, and it was just as lovely as I knew it would be.  I went early to help start getting the food on the plates, and then Lindee met me there in time to check out all the tables, and for us to eat lunch.  The men of the church served us, and it was just nice as could be.  Here is another one of the beautiful tables.

Mrs. Margie McCarter's Table - absolutely lovely.
Mrs. Margie McCarter’s Table – absolutely lovely.


That evening Mallory & Clara came & spent the night, while Lindee & Jackson went with her co-workers to a Greenville Drive game.  They were so excited that we had blackberries for picking – and snacking on.  Another good day.


Festival of Tables

Today the women of our church are celebrating our first ever Festival of Tables.  I have to admit I had not really heard of one when they first started talking about it, but it is really turning out to be quite an event.  And the response has been great!  I was up yesterday afternoon helping in the kitchen – decorating a table is not my forte, but I can make a mean pan of jello.  Most of the tables were already decorated.  Here are a couple.

The Charlie Brown Christmas Table, decorated by Cat Cockman & her daughter Robin Peyton.  One of my favorite things about being there while folks were working on the tables was hearing the stories behind every single item they were using.
The Charlie Brown Christmas Table, decorated by Cat Cockman & her daughter Robin Peyton. One of my favorite things about being there while folks were working on the tables was hearing the stories behind every single item they were using.


This was one of my favorite – “Family Heritage”.  Linda Montgomery decorated it using her grandmother’s china.  I especially loved the linens she used.  I think I heard someone say something on the table was over a hundred years old.  Absolutely beautiful.  I’m looking forward to the event today!get-attachment

Yesterday June and Mason came to spend the day.  I picked them up at their house after walking with the group in town early in the morning, and then having breakfast with a couple of friends.  When we got home I still had a few chores to do, and when I walked through the living room, June was teaching Mason to read :-).  I hate the picture didn’t turn out any better, but she would point to a couple of words & read them, and he would repeat them right after her.  They read the entire book that way.  Those sweet siblings.get-attachment


After nap time the kids helped me cook supper – and we had plenty to send home for them to have, too.  Here is Mason spreading the crumbs in the bottom of the dish for chicken casserole.  I do love having help from my little chefs 🙂get-attachment

Adam’s first day here for the summer

Charlie is at Cub Scout Day Camp this week, but Adam came to spend the day Monday, for the first time in a long time.  We spent part of the day making trash art, where we just dig in the recycling bin & pull out whatever he wants to cut and tape and paste and paint, which is always fun.get-attachment