Spaghetti Spill

Last night when Jeff was cooking supper, he came into the living room to chat while he was opening the box of spaghetti.  Alas, the entire thing dumped out the other end of the box.  It was actually pretty funny.  We thought the way it landed was pretty artistic, but didn’t think it would work to leave it there as decoration 🙂

Saturday’s pix

Yesterday afternoon Addie brought June and Mason over for a while, so Lee could get some work done at the house.  While they were here we made some apple smiles – sort of an early Halloween activity.  Addie was our photographer for this picture 🙂


Then yesterday evening I met Evelyn at the church, and while Charlotte and her helpers were working on other lunch preps, Evie & I put the stories out on the tables as decoration for our meal after church today, celebrating 20 years of Godly Play.  Evie did her usual excellent job of recording everything for Dick, and I think it’s just going to be a great, great day.100_8326

Clara’s bun

On Thursdays when I pick the girls up from school we usually fly by their house and Clara gets ready for dance while Mal fixes her hair, packs their snack and gets her guitar for her own lesson, and we hit the road to Rock Hill.  This week, though, Mallory stayed after school for Girls’ Fitness Club meeting, and Emma took her to her lesson.  That meant no one was there to put Clara’s hair in a bun except me, and we all know hair is NOT my thing.  I thought I did pretty good, though, after having watched Mal do it for two years :-).IMG_20150924_153027

Car Break Down

Wednesday I took Kimbrell with me to spend the day at Gran’s – they had never met before, and as is usually the case with Momma and all babies, it was love at first sight!  Of course it helped that Kimbrell is such a happy baby, and that she sat up for the first time by herself in the middle of Gran’s living room floor :-).  We left there in time to get to Larne Elementary when school let out for June and Mason, but about Newport I noticed a light coming on on the dashboard, and then the temp gauge went crazy.  I pulled over as soon as I could find a spot, and we called Jeff.  As always, God was really watching out for us, because he was spending the afternoon riding motorcycles with Maxie, and I caught him in about the three minutes that they weren’t on the bikes – otherwise he would never have heard the phone.  They both came in Maxie’s truck and picked us up, & brought Kimbrell & me back to the house, & then went back to work on the car.  Kimbrell & I spent the half hour while we were on the side of the road waiting for them to get to us thanking God that it was such a nice cool day, not one of the 98 degree-ers that we’ve had so many of this summer!  She was SO good while we were waiting – didn’t cry a bit until Jeff stuck his head in the side window at her, & she didn’t know him in all his motorcycle bandana & sunglasses, etc, and she did not like that ONE bit.  Here she is while we are waiting out what might have been her first car breakdown! 🙂100_8311

Clara’s Soccer Game

Clara had quite the crowd there to watch her play soccer last night. Boo came on his way home from work, and Sherri drove up from Augusta when she finished up with school. Boo had to leave before the game was over to get to a meeting at church, so he didn’t get his picture made with the star, but here is a siblings shot we took before he left.

Sher & our little soccer player after the match.100_8308

Our busy Saturday

Our day yesterday started out with us at Clara’s soccer game.  It was the first Wizard victory, and we were surprised by how they’d improved since the first game we saw them play.  Clara is such a go getter :-).  Here she is after the match with her Coach Dad.100_8275

After the game I went & let Meg’s dog Ginger out & visited with her and the cat for a while, and then headed into church for a baby shower for Emily McCarter Wescott that I was helping host. THEN it was back out to our house for Mason’s 6th birthday party. It was his first party where he got to invite school friends – just a couple, and it was so much fun.  He just wanted a bonfire & for them all to play in the woods, which was great fun – and easy for us.  Here he is just after he blew out his candles on his Paw Patrol birthday cake.  Special times.100_8288

Mason’s turning 6!

Yesterday our youngest grandchild turned six years old – it doesn’t seem possible.  He doesn’t usually love getting his picture made, but I snapped this one of him on his last evening as a five year old, as he was leaving the dugout after June’s ballgame Thursday.  He was all excited because they had enough snacks for him to have one, too 🙂100_8270

Wednesday’s activities

When June and Mason got here after school yesterday they had a snack and then played outside a while, and then came inside to do their homework.  Afterwards we made Dream Pies.  June had fun making designs with the condensed milk she was adding to the mix.  She asked if I thought if that was how her dad started his art career :-).

They are both SO excited that they get to go back to BIG at church this year. Last year I took Mal & Clara to dance on Wednesdays, so we didn’t get to go. Yesterday was our kick off event, and it went great.  We had 30+ kids there, I believe, and they had a ball.  They played on the playground, and then came inside for popsicles and a Bible story.  And THEN back outside to do some finger painting of God’s beautiful creation.  It was a great evening.IMG_20150916_191315