After the Golf Tournament

Yesterday was the Clover Lady Eagles’ first big tournament of the season.  Mallory was sick, so I rode with Lindee & Clara down to Duncan, SC, to watch her in action.  Once again we didn’t get a cart, so we had to walk almost the entire 18 holes – and my trusty fit bit told me it was a little over nine miles.  Luckily they carted the girls – I don’t think they would have made it carrying those clubs all that way, and with the heat, to boot.  I got this picture of them afterwards – that’s Clara second from left, if you can’t pick her out.  She scored a 102, her best score ever on nine holes, and the lowest score on her team.  We were proud – and I surely did sleep good last night 🙂


Recently I read interesting information about pawpaws, & realized I did not know they were a real thing – I’d only heard about them in the song we used to sing when we were kids. I posted that on facebook, and several people knew all about them – and one of Lindee’s friends brought me some yesterday. How thoughtful was that? I ate my first one last night, & it was really yummy.


Some years our yard is full of yellow finches, but last year I don’t know if we ever saw a single one.  I’m hoping this is a sign that more are on the way!

Fairway Two for One :-)

At the Clover High golf match Tuesday, Mallory and Clara didn’t play together – Clara was one hole behind Mallory. That happens sometimes, and every now and then we can sit where we can see both of them in action. Tuesday, though, Clara made a crazy tee shot, and it ended up in the middle of the fairway of the hole where Mallory was getting ready to tee off. I think this was the first time we saw them playing on the same fairway but different holes 🙂

At the Cove Golf Course, Tega Cay

Yesterday was Mallory & Clara’s first school golf match of the season, against Fort Mill. Being on that course was absolutely like being in a wildlife preserve. This was one of my favorite pictures that I got for the day.

Mallory came in second place in the match with a 39 – the girl from Fort Mill had a 37 – but we were definitely proud of this tee shot of Mal’s.

After the Tournament

I got this one final picture of Mallory after her last Junior Golf tournament. I’m not gonna lie, I was taking this picture through tears. This year may be rough on her grandmother, I’m thinking.

Final Junior Golf Day

And Sunday finished it up – Mallory’s last day on the golf course as a Junior Golf participant. I got this action shot of her teeing off to begin her final round.

And Lindee took this picture of her with proud grandparents at the end of the day. I was a little bit weepy, I’m not gonna lie.

Upper State Junior Golf Tournament

This past weekend was the final event of Mallory’s Junior Golf career – the tournament at Rock Hill Country Club. They are not really set up to host a huge tournament, so there weren’t any carts – we had to walk the entire 18 holes – but it was cooler than it has been, so were thankful for that. Here is a picture of Mal teeing off over the water on Saturday.

Jeff is hoping to get us a front walkway laid soon, and he said this is the exact pattern he has been dreaming of. He had me taking pictures of the walkway from every possible angle – I’m not sure what all of the other spectators must have thought we were doing 🙂

Honey Hunters Game

Last Sunday Mason & I were at the Honey Hunters game in Gastonia – just across the NC state line. It’s their minor league ball team, and the first time I had ever been to Caromont Health Park. Mason had been several times with his family, so he had to show me all the ropes. He wanted to sit in the outfield, and no wonder – he got a home run ball! I loved that we were right beside the train tracks, and the trains blew their whistles when they went by 🙂