Meeting Simon

Last night my friend Evelyn and I headed to Narroway Theater, a Christian dinner theater between here and Charlotte. It wasn’t to see a play, but to meet their new baby camel. The one they had had for 20 something years, who had been in all of their productions, and who was the one that Mason rode once when we went to a play there, recently died. This new one isn’t two months old yet – he’s still bottle fed, as a matter of fact – and was the cutest, sweetest thing. Here are a couple of pictures.

Monday Pix

Some of our early blooming azaleas have come and gone, but the late ones are in full bloom right now. I love them.

That evening was Adam’s first track meet at Sullivan Middle School, where he goes to school. They had been having repairs done on the track, and apparently got them finished up. I got this picture of him in between his events.

Final Saturday Pix

One more pre-prom picture, of Mallory with her date, Waylon.

After we left Lindee’s, we headed to York to check out the Silver in the City celebration. There were 80 Airstreams from 13 states parked up and down main street and in all the parking lots around town. So much fun to see. And some people were even making pictures there with the airstreams. I loved that.

Prom Pictures

This afternoon we headed over to Lindee & Jackson’s to see Mallory off to the prom.  My phone takes absolutely awful pictures, and OF COURSE my camera battery died as soon as Mallory walked out to pose for us.  Grrr.  Hopefully you can see through the fuzz of these pictures how beautiful she looked.

Addie and June came over to see her off, too, and I got this picture of her with June. Or at least tried to get one.

Hickory Tree at the Plantation

On the nature trail at the Rose Hill Plantation there was this great exhibit at the location of where a storm blew down a hickory tree just a few years ago – a cross section cut from the trunk of the tree, and then a sign showing where things happened at the time the tree was the different sizes of the rings. What a neat idea.

Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site, Part 1

Yesterday Meg & I headed to Union, about an hour from here, to visit this plantation that I’d heard about many times, but had never been to. We started the day out walking part way around the nature trail, until we got as far as the ruins of a tenant house that was once on the property. Interesting information there, too.

We had made a plan to meet Lindee & go out to eat lunch, since she works in Union – I had never even seen the nursing home where she works before. We ate some great Mexican food, and then Meg & I got back to the plantation in time to go on the guided tour. It was so interesting – the park ranger was just a wealth of information. Rose Hill Plantation was the home of William Gist, known as the Secession Governor of South Carolina. One of my favorite artifacts in the house was the family Bible.

Easter Sunday

What a great day we had yesterday. There was a beautiful display right outside our sanctuary at church about the Legend of the Dogwood, and I had never seen a dogwood like the one they had on display on the table. The petals were long and thin, and really did look like a cross. So pretty.

Had sixteen here for lunch and an Easter egg hunt and visiting and catching up, including Andy & Amy. I’m not sure when if ever they had been here for Christmas – it was great. And then Amy spent the night since she was getting Gran up Monday morning. Wonderful, wonderful time.