Paul Boggs Band

We were so excited that Mark and his band were going to be playing this weekend while we were in town – this time at sort of a community center right in town.  They served a delicious dinner of bbq & fried chicken beforehand, and of course the music was as great as it always is.  That’s Mark on the drums.

Another highlight of the evening any time we get to see Mark play is watching David and Marcelene dance together.  I love it.  I wish the pictures had turned out better, but it was still a wonderful evening.

Great American Ball Park

Such a good time last night, when Jeff & I were at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati to watch the Braves vs the Reds.  We actually stayed in Newport, Kentucky, and walked the mile from our hotel across the Ohio River to the stadium.  Very cool.

The national anthem was being sung just as I got up to the upper deck to head to our seats, so I got this picture of the field while that was going on.  It really is a beautiful stadium.

Yard Work

Jeff has been busy working a lot in the yard this spring.  He’s building up the hill with dirt, and it looks so good with the snowball bush in full bloom now.  The cutting for the bush came from one in Jeff’s mom & dad’s yard, and it had originally come from a bush in his dad’s grandmother’s yard.  I love that.

Easter Sunday 2019

What a wonderful day we had yesterday celebrating our Savior’s resurrection!  As is our tradition, we gathered here after church on Sunday, and got family group photos.  I thought this one of the Yarbroughs turned out so, so good.

My favorite picture every year…

Cowpens – Part 2

Here are a couple of pictures from the museum in the visitors center at Cowpens National Battlefield.  When the kids and I were at Brattonsville one summer day, they were having a special display, complete with costumed interpreters, about the battle there, and we remembered the man there demonstrating, as he was sitting on the horse, how difficult it would be to load a rifle back in those days, and telling us that’s why the saber as well as the bayonet were such valuable weapons.  It was interesting seeing that reiterated at the museum at Cowpens.

Of course I was familiar with the Don’t Tread on Me flag, but didn’t know all this history and information about it.  This was just a sign that was hanging in the gift shop, but I thought it was so interesting I had to get a picture.