Senior Night at the Golf Course

Today we were at the final home golf match of the season. I have gotten almost no pictures of Clara all year – they never seem to turn out that good. Same thing happened again today – what’s up with that? But here is about the best action shot I got – hitting it out of the rough.

It was senior night, so after the match was over they had a little celebration of the girls who are finishing up their golfing career this year. These three have been such great teammates for both Mallory and Clara. They will be missed next year.

Charlie’s confirmation

Today was Char’s confirmation at church – the first time I had been to an inside church service since March. During the actual service, when Charlie was kneeling at the altar, they were surrounded by their families and mentors, so we couldn’t see him at all, and this was the only picture I could get of him during the service, when they turned around to walk back to their seats. That’s his blurry mom standing next to him.

At the reception afterwards, with his mentor Curtis Blackwelder, who was also his church league basketball coach. Such a special day.

Getting Back to Normal

Today we’ve done two things we haven’t done in really almost a year. The day started out with us meeting my brother Zollie and part of his family at Gran’s house, where we got to see his granddaughter Mary Cooper for the first time since last Thanksgiving weekend. She is the cutest thing. We had such a good time playing peek-a-boo over her momma’s shoulder 🙂

From there we headed to the BMX track, where we watched the boys in action for the first time in almost a year. They don’t usually race on Saturdays unless it’s a big competition, but they are trying to make up some of the track time they missed during the months when everything was closed down. Charlie did great – won his division. That’s him on the orange bike at the starting gate.

Cross Country – Before & After

Charlie’s mee

t today was at Rock Hill High – his home course – so we rode over with Addie, Lee, & family to cheer him on. We got this picture of him with his cheering section before the race, except for Addie & Jenny, who were taking pictures. We were having a hard time getting everyone ready at the same time 🙂

And I got this one after the race. He’s shaved 30+ seconds off his time from last week, on a much harder course, so he was proud. As were we.

Northwestern Invitational

Today was the annual event, but at Rock Hill Country Club instead of Waterford, where some work is being done. It was a chilly day to be out all day, but Mallory must’ve warmed up while she was walking the course and playing, because she’d taken off her jacket before I got this picture.’

Mason’s birthday party

Saturday, as is his tradition, Mason had his birthday party here.  He’s done several different things with his friends over the years, but this year it was a nerf gun war in the woods.  It really is the easiest party in the world – Addie & Lee bring bags of chips and cupcakes from Food Lion & bottles of water, and the boys play for 3 hours while we all sit on the porch and visit. :-).  Here he is blowing out his candles.

Mason’s Birthday :-)

Friday was Mase’s 11th birthday, and after I finished helping pack food for our monthly food giveaway at church, I headed over to their house to visit with him for a little while. His party was the next day here at our house – a nerf gun battle in the woods – and he was excited to show me the new mask he’d gotten just for that event. Crazy kid 🙂

Charlie’s First Cross Country Meet

We were at Northwestern High today for Char’s first race of the year. He didn’t run his best time, but we look forward to seeing him improve as the season progresses. And we were very proud! Here’s one picture before the race, and one in the midst of the action.