Our Saturday

We had a good, busy day today. June and Mason spent the night last night, and before their dad came to pick them up this morning we had time to do some science. They loooooove doing some science 🙂 We tried making tie dyed milk, and they absolutely loved it. And it was the easiest thing – and the easiest cleanup – we’d done in a long time. Jeff & I thought it was pretty cool, too.100_8201

Then this afternoon was Adam’s 7th birthday party at his house.  It was a dinosaur party, and it was SO cute.  I especially loved the piñata.  Good times 🙂100_8215

Piedmont Boys

Thursday night Jeff & I headed up to Mac’s Speed Shop in Steele Creek to meet friends Maxie & Diane, and their son Mac, for supper, and to hear a band that Jeff had been telling and telling me about:  The Piedmont Boys.  Sometimes Jeff kinds of raves about bands that I am not all that excited about, but I really enjoyed listening to these guys.  We didn’t stay until they finished playing at 11, but headed home during one of their breaks, and stopped to chat with the lead singer as we were walking out.  It was a good evening.100_8194

Royalty :-)

Monday when June and Mason came over after school, June made Mason a crown to wear since he was being so good :-). She’d gotten the pirate insert at school that day. Then Mason decided Kimbrell needed a crown to wear, too, so he made her one out of notebook paper. And she left that thing on her head until the kids finally took it off! It was so funny 🙂


Promotion Sunday

Since the beginning of time, I guess – at least since I was little – Methodist churches have presented their third graders with Bibles on promotion Sunday. This past week June reached that milestone. I didn’t want to use the flash during the service, so the picture didn’t turn out great, but here she is with Ryan Conder, getting her Bible from Preacher Tommy and Miss Meg.


Saturday Morning

Saturday morning my first stop was Summerfest, in York, where Meg and Mike had set up their Hope Leather Products tent. I had never actually seen them set up at a show before, and didn’t know when they would be any closer, so figured this was a good chance to stop by and see them. They had all kinds of different things they’d made – not just moccasins. Very cool.

From York it was on to Rock Hill, where the Rock Hill High School chorus was holding a car wash fund raiser.  Here is Leesy & her buddy Sarah working on my car.  It was a busy morning!


Our new school schedule



Yesterday was the first day we picked June and Mason up for this new school year.  Actually, it was the first time we’d ever picked Mason up at all from Larne Elementary School, since he has just started kindergarten.  I picked Mallory & Clara up on Tuesday, and never took a single picture all day.  Whaaaat?  Anyway, I had Kimbrell both of those days.  She was a little fretful Tuesday – teething – which may explain the lack of pictures.  Yesterday, though, she was back to her happy self, and June & Mason had fun blowing bubbles with her after they finished their homework.100_8174

After Kimbrell was gone for the day we worked on a little bit of science :-).  We made hoops out of paper, & then balanced them on a glass of water, and then balanced a penny on the hoop.  If you jerked the hoop out of the way fast enough the penny would fall right down in the glass of water.  It was a BIG hit.  Here is Mase working on his hoop.  It involved cutting and taping, so it was also sort of a craft – two of their favorite things combined 🙂


Murfreesboro Saturday

Saturday morning Andy, Amy, & I had such fun tooling around Murfreesboro.  Andy fixed us cheese toast for breakfast at home, & then we headed out.  We made a quick stop at Haynes Hardware with Andy, a long standing Murfreesboro enterprise, although it was in a new location from when I lived there forty years ago; then headed uptown to the Saturday Farmers Market.  We saw several people Andy & Amy knew, which was fun, including one I hadn’t seen since high school and who recognized me immediately :-). We stopped in the Country Gourmet Store right off the square and had a chocolate covered strawberry and had fun looking at all their offerings.  There was a section of the store just of things made in Tennessee, so that was fun.  We did lots of driving around different parts of town throughout the morning, and we made a stop at the sunflower fields.  I had been seeing people post pictures of this killer sunflower field all over facebook, and it was one of the places I really wanted to see.  And alas, it was such a cloudy day that all of the sunflowers had their heads bent over – at least that’s what I’m thinking.  No sun for them to follow.  Dang.  It was still cool – acres and acres of sunflowers, as far as you could see.



We left there and headed to the Old Time Pottery to buy cemetery flowers, and then started making our rounds.  We went out to Roselawn and put flowers on Harry’s grave, and then back into town to Evergreen, where we put flowers on Amy’s Aunt Jean’s grave, and here, on her momma and daddy’s – Nancy and Buddy’s – grave.  We thought the flowers were really pretty.  And then we spent a while wandering around looking at the different graves.  I do love, love a cemetery.  We left there and went to eat lunch at the Slick Pig, which I feel like I had been waiting to do my whole life :-).  It did not disappoint.  And then spent more time driving around looking at different parts of town before heading back to the house to watch movies, doze, read, and cook veggies from the farmers market for lunch.  What a great, great day.