At the Farmer Jason Show

Yesterday morning June, Mason, Adam, & I headed into town to the weekly show at the library.  This week it was Farmer Jason, who was really good – he had just come from a stint as the Artist-in-Residence at Sequoia National Park, which I thought was pretty good for our little town.  He had the kids up doing actions with his songs – here is Mason landing from a giant jump 🙂

Main Street Children’s Museum

Yesterday it was June’s turn to decide what we would do for the day, and she chose taking Kimbrell to the museum in Rock Hill for very small children – ages 2-6.  I had not been since I took Adam when he was pretty much on the younger end of that age range, and thought it was so cute.  It still is.  And when I took him, one of all the kids’ favorite things to do that day was play with the pulley.  It still is.  June and Mason spent tons of time on this even when Kimbrell wasn’t over there playing with them 🙂

Revolutionary War Dragoons at Brattonsville

Today the kids and I headed to Brattonsville, to take in their Time Travel Tuesday program.  Today we learned about the dragoons that fought at the Battle of Hucks Defeat, which was fought near there.  It was SO interesting.  As usual, the costumed interpreters were so knowledgeable, and so engaged with the kids.  This man was dressed as a member of the British Legion, and the green coat was actually historically accurate.  Who knew?  The horse was not an heirloom breed, however, because he said the horses then were much smaller – as were the men they carried.  We just really enjoyed talking to him.

He had a display of reproduction Revolutionary War uniforms and weapons, and was more than happy for the kids to hold the guns – which were VERY heavy. Here is June checking out the pistol. Great day.

At the Pool

Fun day yesterday, when we had our second Park Hopper Day with the church kids.  We headed to Wesley Acres Pool, in Gastonia, which I had never heard of, but was the neighborhood pool where Jon, our children’s director, grew up.  It was SO nice.  The kids must’ve gone off the diving board a thousand times a piece.

Group photo before we headed home.

Barefoot Puppets

Yesterday we went to the library to see a puppet show of The Little Red Hen, as part of their summer series.  It was cute as could be.  Here are Clara and June talking to one of the puppeteers after the show.

Wednesday Pix

Good day Wednesday, when four of the six grands were here.  It was kind of an overcast morning, but they did get some outside play in.  When it started sprinkling everyone came inside, and we worked on a little bit of finger crocheting.  June had done it before, so she was a real pro.

After lunch we had made plans to go to Charlotte’s pool for the afternoon – her grandson Aidan is in town for the week – and as we were heading over to see if the weather would give us a break, the sun came out & stayed out until it was time for us to leave – and then it started raining. An afternoon at the pool is always a good thing.

On the playground

Tuesday when I picked the kids up, we dropped Mason off at Reading Camp, and then girls & I stopped to vote on our way home.  We vote at the school at the end of our road, and the playground just looked too inviting to pass up.

Mountain Scenery

Oh my goodness – the weather Saturday when we were in the mountains was absolutely gorgeous – there is just nothing like it.  First thing Saturday morning we headed to Roan Mountain, to check out the rhododendron.  They were really about a week past their prime, and Kirkie said that she didn’t think it had been one of their best years anyway, but it was still just so, so pretty.

We went down to the state park to check out the TN Rhododendron Festival, then back to Kirkie’s house for lunch and a nap, and then went out walking to check out the ponds there near their home. Just beautiful.