More Family Reunion Pix

Here are a couple of more pictures from the fun, fun time we had Saturday.  I tried to take pictures at each of the tables as folks were eating, and some turned out better than others.  Here are Jeff’s niece Arielle, her boyfriend Kyle, and her daughter Bella, who just turned five years old.100_6704

Here is out little family group picture that the photographer took – she even took my camera & took a picture for me, which I thought was so nice.  Just a fun, fun day.100_6722

Sunday Morning in Indiana

Sunday morning we met Jeff’s siblings early at the Bob Evans restaurant right beside where we were staying, and had such a fun visit before hitting the road for home.  I got this one picture of everyone before my camera battery died.  It was a great way to end a special weekend.100_6729

Hoffman Family Reunion, Part 1

Last weekend we – Jeff, Lindee, Mallory, Clara, & I – headed to Indiana to a family reunion with Jeff’s aunts, uncles, and cousins on his mom’s side.  I have to admit I thought having this in January was insane, and we did run into some bad weather on the way up, but it was such a fun time actually being there.  The planning committee did a great job.  Here they are welcoming everyone, and giving us a rundown on how the day was going to go:  Jeff’s cousin Mark (from the Haines branch of the family), his cousin Sharon holding her grandbaby (from the Angers), and his brother Dennis ( the Longs.)  Just a fun time.100_6698

They had a photographer come in that afternoon to make a huge group shot, as well as various family combinations, which was such a great idea.  We also had a photographer at Daddy’s family’s Christmas celebration in December, and that picture is so great that I’m sure that’s going to be the case with these, too.  Here is the photographer doing her thing – and I have to admit that I don’t think I ever got her name.  I can’t wait to see the pictures, though.  Hopefully they’re better than this one I took of her 🙂100_6715

Christmas Cactus

Jeff has really been working on our two Christmas cactuses, trying to get them to grow & be healthier, and finally last week he was rewarded with a bloom.  I’ve never had one bloom before, except for the blooms they have on them when I get them, so we were very excited.  We also like that it opens in the morning & closes up as the day goes on.  Also, I think one of the ones we have is an Easter cactus, and I’m frankly not sure which one this is.  Pretty, though!100_6693

Broccoli Casserole

When four of the six grand ones were at the house Monday while they were out of school for MLK Day they helped me make a broccoli casserole for supper. I’ve been trying out different broccoli casserole recipes lately, & frankly, I think this one was my least favorite. I figure that’s a good lessons for them to learn, too. Sometimes it just doesn’t turn out that great.  Still, the process is fun.  Here is Adam beating up the eggs.



Adding the breadcrumbs was a joint effort.  Fun day.



Making an Ice Cream Watermelon

Last Friday the kids were out of school for a teacher workday (I guess), so June & Mason were at the house all day :-).  That gave us time to do a few things that took a little longer than we have when June’s just there after school, like making a watermelon out of ice cream :-).  Here is Mason spreading the lime sherbet that made the crust in the bowl.1-16-15  Ice Cream Watermelon 001


And he and June both mixing the chocolate chip “seeds” in the strawberry ice cream that made the inside :-).  Fun – and delicious 🙂1-16-15  Ice Cream Watermelon 003

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

The grandkids do love making a good craft, and I love it when we find one we can make out of stuff we have lying around the house – like empty toilet paper rolls :-).  Here is Clara painting her roll to turn it into a snowman.1-13-15  Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen 001

And both girls showing off their finished projects, made entirely with stuff they dug out of the craft box.  Fun afternoon.1-13-15  Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen 003


Last Beach Picture

We didn’t get much use out of the balcony off our room when we were at the beach celebrating Boo’s birthday – it was just too, too cold – but I did step out there just before we headed home Sunday morning to get a picture of the view.  Fun, fun time.1-11-15 Boopalooza Sunday