Last night Jeff & I headed out to meet our friend Patti at Lake Wylie Bowl and Bounce to listen to a band she really likes.  It is not far from us at all, and it was free to get in, so we figured we’d give them a listen.  Patti never did show – not sure what happened – but the band covered a lot of great music from the 70’s, so we enjoyed it.

Soccer Victory

Thursday night Clara had a makeup soccer match, and her team won – 5-1.  I left the second the match was over to get back to the house so Evelyn and I could finish up the Salkehatchie books and get the report submitted, so didn’t get any after game pix.  Here she is playing away, though – second from the left.

At the playground

Yesterday was 50 cent corndog day at Sonic, so we headed there for an afternoon snack.  And, since Jeff had started trying some things out for the haunted trail this week and hadn’t brought them back inside yet, we took the corndogs to the park in York to eat and get in some good outdoor playing time :-).  I can only imagine what washed out of June’s hair when she got in the shower last night 🙂

National Junior Honor Society Induction

This evening Jeff & I met Lindee & Jackson and Rick & Emma at Clover Middle School for Mal’s big evening.  Students who made all A’s all through last year in the 6th grade were inducted  into the National Junior Honor Society.  That’s mal in the black dress.  So proud!

This was the best picture I got all night – after the event with her other grandparents.  They were proud, too 🙂

Golf Match

Yesterday I delivered some paperwork to Jeff’s lawyer in Charlotte, went by and ate lunch & visited for a while with Gran and Elise, and then headed back to Waterford to watch Mal & the Clover Blue Eagles take on powerhouse Northwestern.  Northwestern has so many golfers they field a jv team; Clover didn’t even have enough to have a girls’ team last year.  It was still fun to watch. Elise & her friend Brianna came to cheer her on, but had to leave before the match was over. I rode with Emma in her golf cart, and on this hole we pulled right up behind the tee box – I was sitting in the golf cart taking this picture.

Team shot after the match – Mal is right in the middle; Taylor, who she played with in this match, is on her right in the glasses; Alyssa, who is ranked #3 in the state, is on the other side of Taylor; Madison, who will be our senior next year, is on this end, and Ginger and Chloe, who are also middle schoolers, are between Mal and Coach Zack.   They are a good group of girls, it seems like, & seems like they have so much fun together

Mason’s Birthday Cake

Saturday afternoon Mason took his cousins and his friend Austin to play laser tag to celebrate his birthday, and then they all came back here for cake and ice cream.  June made his cake herself, in Minecraft colors, of course.  It was delicious, and I couldn’t believe what a good job she did writing with that squeeze icing.  I normally can’t get that to work at all.

Blowing out the candles.  Fun day celebrating our boy.

Another Sporty Day

Friday Jeff & I headed to Rock Hill early to finally watch Mallory play in a CHS golf match.  Actually it was her first tournament with the golf team, and the first time I had ever watched a real golf match live, so I was really excited.  As it turns out, because she plays #3 on the team, she often plays against the same girls from the other schools, so they are becoming big buddies.  Here are Holly from York, Ashley from Fort Mill, and Mal.

Got home just in time to cook supper and then turn around and head back to Rock Hill to watch Charlie race.  It was the first time we’d seen him with the State #3 on the front of his bike 🙂

First BIG of the year

Actually BIG started at church last Wednesday, but we weren’t able to be there.  June and Mason were so excited to be back this past Wednesday.  Supper was yummy and Mason & Will were glad to have some time together again.  We are studying the Fruits of the Spirit this fall – here they were answering questions about Love 🙂

More from the Memorial

I think our tour guide said there were 350+ plaques all around the National D-Day Memorial.  Even I could not read all of those, but the ones I did read were so interesting.  I am always enthralled by Rosie the Riveter stories, so especially enjoyed this one.  Wish I’d gotten the picture more centered.

The view of the plaza from the other side is beautiful and impressive, and I love the flags of all the Allied nations that were involved in the operation flying side by side.