Qubein Children’s Museum, Part 1

Yesterday June & I headed to High Point to meet Zollie, Renee, Cooper, Rachel, & Mary Cooper and Frankie at the new children’s museum in High Point where Amy is working. What a fun day, and what an awesome place. Mary was having so much fun examining the topiaries outside that she didn’t really even want to leave them to go inside. So cute.

The museum itself was just incredible. There were all kinds of different areas for the kids to explore. This room was called the Ginormous Room, and all of the climbing equipment, etc, etc was shaped like giant pieces of furniture, as a nod to High Point’s history as a furniture making center. Here are Frankie and Rachel doing some playing. I honestly think the kids could have stayed in this room, too, the entire time we were there – us adults just wanted to explore other areas 🙂