Blackberry Smoke Concert

Sunday night Jeff & I were at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte to see Blackberry Smoke in concert – a band that I have loved for a long time, and Jeff has become a fan, too. We were very excited to see that Duane Betts was opening for them, and he and his band were amazing, too. I got this picture of his guitarist, Johnny Stachela, during the concert. He was just so, so good.

Saturday Basketball

Saturday Jeff & I were in Rock Hill for Adam’s basketball games – he had two. First was against the other undefeated team, and they ended up losing by four points. They played a good game, and it was very exciting.

Second game they played against a team they had beat before, and they won big – although not as big as they do sometimes. This coming Saturday will be the playoffs – should be a good day.

Thursday Pix

When I was on my way to pick Clara up to go to school this crazy car pulled out right in front of me. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything quite like it. And it didn’t make it very far. Probably traveled maybe the distance of a block and then pulled over and sort of broke down. It was an interesting start to the day, though.

Clara was so excited to show off that she’d gotten her boot off when she went to the orthopedist the day before. They are trying her in just a brace now, unless being on her foot all day at school makes it start swelling up again. She is so hoping that won’t be the case.

Monster Golf

Jeff & I celebrated Valentine’s Day with an afternoon at Monster Golf in Gastonia. Our first visit, and it was so much fun. Pictures of each other didn’t come out that great, but you can see some of the great decor. Here are a couple of photos.

Valentines Decorations at Church

We have a table in the hallway at church where, at different holidays and times of year, bags are put out for us to fill with cards and treasures to be delivered to our shut-ins. Here are a couple of signs that were out there for Valentines. I thought they were just perfect.

Clara’s Project

When I picked Clara up to go to school last Monday, I think it was, her AP US Government project was laying on the table. I thought it was so impressive I had to take a picture of it. It was a group project, and they had to come up with a proposal for a bill, & chronicle how it would make it through to become a law. I thought their idea was so cute, and she told me her group had been over at their house over the weekend working on it. She said she’d done practically every bit of the writing on it, and I told her that didn’t seem quite fair. And she said it was all right, she was kind of bossy anyway, so she liked to do it like she wanted it. She does make me laugh. I was particularly excited to see the Bill from School House Rock on their poster 🙂

Daniel’s Basketball Game

Yesterday Charlie & Adam were in the mountains on a ski trip with their church youth group, so it was a perfect day for Jeff, Mason, & me to head to Indian Trail – on the other side of Charlotte – to see Daniel – Andy & Amy’s grandson and Nate & Diane’s son – play basketball. It was so much fun watching him play, and spending the day with such precious people. I got this picture of him keeping himself entertained on the sidelines when he wasn’t in the game – and this is the funniest thing. I didn’t even know that was his sister Mia walking in front of him when I took the picture. Ha.

Our basketball players posed for this picture together after the game 🙂

Clara’s Recital

Last Thursday night was Clara’s voice recital. As a member this year of the CHS Choraliers – the high school chorus here in town – she takes private voice lessons, as all of the members do. Part of their final grade for the year is performing in this recital. She sang Ten Minutes Ago, from that latest Cinderella movie, and I thought she just did a great job. Although she has gotten used to singing some on her own this year in Choraliers, this was certainly outside her comfort zone, and we were so proud of her.

Afterwards at the little reception in the lobby of the chorus building. So, so proud.

My Lunch Buddy

I had been craving some barbecue, so yesterday after church Mason & I headed to Ole Carolina BBQ in Gastonia for me to get my fix. We had the best time visiting and catching up – he’s been busy with basketball, so I really hadn’t seen him since Christmas. Fun time.