Part 2, Norman Rockwell Museum

I loved that they had a room with an issue of every single Saturday Evening Post that he had drawn the cover for there in the museum.  Not just the pictures, but an entire magazine.  Most of the mailing labels were still on them, and they were from all over the country.  I bet the story of how they accumulated all of those would be interesting to hear.

We stopped and had lunch at a great diner located in the old general store building in Stockbridge. Food was great and it was fun just being in that atmosphere.

Norman Rockwell Museum

Monday of our Massachusetts vacation, Jeff, June, & I headed to the Norman Rockwell Museum. We got there a few minutes early, so while we were waiting on the porch for it to open, I noticed this sign and went ahead & took a picture, in case I forgot to get it on the way out. And sure enough, I never even noticed it when we headed home – so glad I got it first thing 🙂

We went on the really fabulous tour of his studio. It was so interesting – the guide was fabulous. I loved seeing this helmet was still there over his easel – I remember it being in that famous picture of him doing his self portrait 🙂

This was something really cool that we didn’t expect to see. Twice a year the Norman Rockwell Museum hosts exhibits of different illustrators and their illustrations. This one was one children’s and young adult books and magazines. There was a lot of information in the museum about Norman Rockwell’s work with the Boy Scouts – his longest affiliation with any company or organization, including the Saturday Evening Post, which of course is what he’s most famous for. I thought this was a cool picture, even though he didn’t draw it, and some cool information about it.

Vacation Sunday

I only got a couple of pictures Sunday of our vacation, and this is the only one I got of June on her first ever visit to the state of Pennylvania, where we spent the night. We found a fantastic little diner for breakfast near the motel where we were staying. We left Jeff there resting up from all of his driving, and just took breakfast back to him. It was delicious.

Quick stop at the New York Welcome Center to commemorate June’s first steps on NY soil 🙂

Heading Out on Vacation

Jeff, June, & I headed out Saturday morning for Massachusetts. Got a couple of welcome center pix along the way. We also went through Maryland, but only for about ten miles – they didn’t even bother with a welcome center 🙂 – and we were too tired when we got to Pennsylvania, where we spent the night, to even stop. It was a long day but a good one.

High Tea at the O.Henry Hotel

On our way home from our birthday trip, Charlotte & I stopped at the fancy dancy O.Henry Hotel in Greensboro for high tea. It was beautiful and delicious and so much fun. They served it in the lobby, with folks sitting at little side tables. Just very nice.

We each got to choose a different kind of tea, & I chose Paris to celebrate Lindee & Mallory’s trip last summer :-). Charlotte got Queen Anne’s, I think it was called, and it was good, but the Paris was absolutely delicious.

A Couple of More at the Whirligig Park

One more from our morning at the Whirligig Park – Charlotte took this picture of the park and got me walking around in it 🙂

We went back to the park after dark after many people told us how cool it was. When we got there we were so confused – it wasn’t even lit up all that well. But then we took a picture with the flash, and all of the reflectors that were all over all of the windmills started glowing – it was very, very cool.

Birthday Trip Wednesday

We started our day Wednesday by visiting the Whirligig Park in Wilson – about half an hour from Smithfield, where we were staying. It really was pretty incredible. There were, I think, 30 of these windmill sized whirligigs, built by Vollis Simpson – a machinist there in town – after he retired. He had them installed around his pond, but after he died, so they wouldn’t fall into disrepair, the town built a park just for them. It was the coolest thing. I hate that you can’t see them all spinning like crazy in this still picture. Just very cool.

After picnicking there in the park we spent the afternoon at the Country Doctor Museum, also in Wilson. It was very, very interesting and very, very well done. These are old prescriptions and medicines from the 1890’s – those are the actual pills that were originally in those containers. The guide also showed us how they made pills back in that era. Just so interesting.

There was also a carriage house holding different wagons and cars used by country doctors in different eras from that area. I really would love to go back – we didn’t have nearly enough time to really take everything in.

Ava Gardner Museum

Last Tuesday Charlotte & I headed out on our very overdue birthday trip. We usually go in the fall between our birthdays, but the past couple of years we haven’t been able to go for various reasons, so we finally decided to try early summer. We headed over the eastern North Carolina, to Smithfield, where we found that Ava Gardner had grown up there. We ate some delicious Smithfield barbecue for lunch when we got to town, and then took in the Ava Gardner museum. It was just such an interesting look at her life. We loved all of the exhibits. Here are a few pictures.