Captain Benjamin’s

Week before last was our Forever Young – our old folks group from church – and friends’ annual beach trip. Our favorite place to eat is Captain Benjamin’s Seafood Buffet (truly, it has everything imaginable on the buffet), so it is always on the agenda. For the first time ever this year I rode the bus, and so got to hear the lady from Captain Benjamin’s climb on there & do her welcome speech. They do have just incredible decor in the restaurant, and I learned from her that they actually have a model ship builder on staff. This past year, though, instead of building another ship, he concentrated his attention on the new display honoring Vietnam Veterans, showing all of the different kinds of helicopters that were used in that conflict. It really was pretty amazing.

Here’s one of many, many examples of his work from years gone by…

Last Saturday Pix

Saturday our day started out with Jeff & I heading over to Rustic Roots, where Charlie works, in Rock Hill for the big opening of the treehouse in their front yard. It really was very cool, although Charlie was not working that day. Jeff actually climbed up inside it and said it was very cool – had a loft & a fire pole & some little built in furniture. You have to look pretty close to see Jeff standing out on the balcony. There were tons of kid in there by the time we left – I am so happy that the day was so successful.

Late that afternoon we were at June’s dance recital. They just did an amazing job. So proud of her!

Choraliers Candlelight Concert

Friday evening Jeff & I were at First Presbyterian Church in Gastonia to hear Clara and the Choraliers’ final local performance of the year. This week they head to churches in Charleston and Beaufort to present the same show. As always, it was incredible. And with the acoustics in the church, it just blew me away. So proud of these kids.

Afterwards, with our star 🙂

Hanging Out Around the House

Jeff got a couple of pictures while he was outside walking around checking if there was any storm damage last week, and getting limbs picked up out of the driveway. We are loving the new bench he just made a couple of weeks ago.

Adam’s Name

It’s been almost a year since Adam finished up 8th grade at Sullivan Middle School and was named Male Student Athlete of the Year, and just this past Thursday Jeff & I got over to see his name on the banner hanging in the gym there. That was very cool. The football team was having a meeting in the gym, so we got to talk to his former coach a bit, and that was fun. We were proud all over again 🙂

Newest Jigsaw Puzzle

This is the puzzle I started on last month when Jeff was in Indiana. It was harder than I thought it would be, so he got home long before I finished it up :-). Pretty, though, I thought.

Lynleigh’s Dance Competition

Friday night I headed to Augusta to spend the night with Sherri and Gary, and then early Saturday morning we hit the road to Athens to see their granddaughter Lynleigh in her only dance competition of the season. During the Parents Showcase before the first competition she cracked her pelvis, so this was the only time she got to dance all year. She did a wonderful job – all of the girl from her studio did – and her three dances all received Platinum awards. For one of them, she was the one who went up to get the award. It was so exciting and we were so proud.

Our star after the show was over. So precious.

Mason’s Final Middle School Chorus Program

Last Thursday was Mason’s final chorus program as a Clover Middle School student – he says his last ever, as he isn’t singing in high school. It was kind of emotional for me, with him being our youngest one. They did a great, great job. He is on the back row, far left.

Got this picture of our sweet kid afterwards…