Back at the golf course

Monday morning we were back at the golf course, this time in Lancaster, to watch Mallory in action again. She had another great match – came out on top, and shot less than 80 for the second week in a row – this time on a course she’d only played on a couple of times before. We were proud.

Go Braves!

Sunday afternoon my friend Meg & I headed to Atlanta with Adam and Mason to watch the Braves take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was the first series that Freddie Freeman played back in Atlanta, although we weren’t there Friday night to see him get his World Series ring. We loved seeing the new banner hanging in the concourse, of course.

There really is not a bad seat in the place. This was our view from our upper deck seats, and we thought they were great.

Back at the golf course

Monday we were back following Mallory on the golf course, for another round of Junior Golf. On the 10th hole, this was her tee shot. Needless to say, we were pretty fired up. It was a par 3, but the ball actually hit the flag stick. An exciting round, needless to say.

Got this picture afterwards with her proud Papa. She scored a 77 for 18 holes, but her 35 on the back nine was the first time we’d seen her shoot below par for nine holes. Plus the weather was perfect – sunny and not too hot, with a nice breeze blowing. Great day.

Friday Pix

When I texted with Charlie earlier in the week I told him he was my only grandchild in York County for the week – Adam was a Boy Scout camp, and Mallory & Clara & June & Mason were on vacation with their families – though not together. So we decided to go out to eat supper Friday night together. When he got here he was proud to show me his newly pierced ears 🙂

Addie & Lee and the kids have been in Beaufort for the week, having gone there because June’s national dance competition was this past weekend in Savannah, only about 45 minutes away. Addie sent me this picture of June after one of her dances on Friday morning. That’s June in the middle. Don’t they all look beautiful?

Blasingames Visit

This past weekend our lifelong friends, the Blasingames, came from Tennessee to visit Momma. Some of us were able to get over there Sunday afternoon to do some catching up with them, too. I got this picture before everyone started dispersing. On the floor are Meg, Beth Blasingame, her sister Beth, and Andy. On the chairs are Gran, Beth’s daughter Packy, and Amy. Fun, fun visit.

York County-West Art & Ag Tour

Saturday my friend Charlotte and I spent the day visiting a few local farms that were included on the annual Ag & Art Tour. Of course this is the first time it’s been held in a few years due to covid, but what a fun time. We loved the Tatanka Bison Ranch, and one of the artisans who was set up with his tepee, and was showing Indian crafts. I loved this wind chime made out of turtle shells.

It got pretty hot as the day went on, so some of the farm animals were definitely doing what they could to stay cool, like this black sheep on the Hourglass Alpaca Farm. Such a good day.

McDowell Park

When we left McGill Rose Garden, we stopped at McDowell Park on the way home to enjoy the picnic lunch we brought, and ended up doing a little hiking. We are heading down to the lake…

…but it looked to be pretty steep, and Addie drove, & I didn’t get my walking stick out of my trunk – I wasn’t really thinking about us going hiking. I do love the picnic area at McDowell Park. Every table has its own little sort of landing, and the views are lovely. The trail down to the lake looked pretty steep, so I just stopped off at one of the picnic tables and waited for the two of them to get back. It was a beautiful day, not too hot at all, so I enjoyed that, too.

McGill Rose Garden

Last Friday Addie, Mason, & I spent the morning at McGill Rose Garden in Charlotte. It was a first visit for all of us, and it was just a man’s yard that he opened up to the public as sort of an oasis right near downtown. It was just beautiful. Here are a couple of pictures.

Final Junior Golf Season

Last Monday Mallory had the first match of her final Junior Golf season, at Chester Golf Club. Here she is in action.

Her threesome, after the match. Mallory, Teryn, and Mary Alice. Teryn played on the CHS golf team with Mal until she moved to go to Legion Academy, a sports magnet school in Rock Hill, They have stayed very close friends, though, and loved playing together again. Mary Alice plays for Rock Hill High as an eighth grader, just like Mallory did for Clover. And Mary Alice’s dad Henry grew up with Addie and went to church with us his whole life. It was so much fun watching the three of them together.