Yesterday was a pretty intense day for me.  It was my last day ever as an employee of Baird Engineering.  After 30 years Joe is going to just be working out of his house, so I cleaned out my desk drawers, cabinets, everything.  Now I’ve just got to get it all lugged into the house out of the back seat of the car!  When I was cleaning out my desk, I realized this cartoon, which I taped on there probably 20 years ago, is now permanently adhered to the top, so I just left it.  It still makes me laugh.

Then last night we headed to Adam’s church league ballgame. The game was so exciting – Adam scored the first two baskets for his team, then another one later in the game – that I did not get a single action shot of the game. All I had was this one of him getting some water at halftime. Ha.


Thursday afternoon when Clara and I got to her house after school we tried our hand at making the three dimensional hand pictures.  They weren’t hugely successful, but coloring is always fun.

Tuesday Pix

Tuesday when I picked Clara up from school, we headed to her house, where she helped me fix sweet potato soufflé.  She is excellent help mashing up the baked potatoes.

Then last night was one of the family programs at the auditorium – I picked up June and Mason, and we met Stephanie and her boys, Angelia and her grandkids, Meg, and Evelyn there. It was the Soap Bubble Circus, and it really was, I think, the best kids’ program I had seen there. He did some very cool things with bubbles – they just didn’t show up that great in pictures. This is all one huge bubble.  Fun evening.

Adam’s Basketball Game

Last night I finally got over to see Adam play basketball – Jeff had been to both of his first two games, but I had been busy both of the last two Friday nights.  He scored his first basket of the season, so we were excited to see that.  And he was excited to make it. Here he is bringing the ball down the court. That’s his big buddy Caden running along with him.

We were sitting in the back row, so I was having to maneuver between people to take pictures, and they came out a little blurry. I did get this picture of the brothers on the bench. Andrew is Adam’s coach, so Char is on the bench with them a lot.

Snow Day!

What a beautiful day today was!  School had been cancelled because they were calling for a big snow, but when we got up there was a flake in sight.  Before long, though, it started snowing like crazy.  I wish this picture would’ve come out better, but it was really coming down!

We had planned on having Charlie and Adam today, because they had already called off school in Rock Hill. But by the time Andrew got here with the boys it was already snowing so hard that they just visited for a little while and then they turned around and headed home. He said for sure he wasn’t driving into Charlotte only to get there and the company close. Adam did have fun playing in the snow on the deck for the little while they were here, though 🙂


Charlie and Adam were here spending the day today, so Jeff & I took them to eat lunch at Eagles Nest in town.  And Addie brought June and Mason & came to meet us, and then out here for a couple of hours of playtime afterwards.  It was a great day.

AND our Christmas cactus has finally decided to bloom!

Jigsaw Puzzle

I thought I had posted this last week.  This is the puzzle we put together during our cold spell right after Christmas, when we just could hardly stand to go outside.  The shaped ones are always a challenge, but we were proud when we got it finished!

Charlie’s Basketball Game

Yesterday we went to watch Charlie play church league basketball.  It was the first game I’d been to this season – Jeff went last week, but I was at Biltmore House with Lindee & the girls.  It was a good game – Char scored six points, and Woodland won, so we were proud.  That’s him in the camouflage shorts.

Sherri was in town to come to the game, too, so that was fun. And afterwards we went to Millstone Pizza for lunch. Sherri kept Adam entertained with some ping pong while we were waiting on our food.