Busy Saturday

We did indeed have a busy day Saturday.  Jeff & I had been at Boo & Shea’s at Murrells Inlet for a couple of days, and left there at 6 AM to get to Columbia to watch Mallory and her teammates compete in the state robotics meet.  They didn’t do as well as we’d hoped, but it was certainly a great experience – for all of us.  Here she is with her teammates Ryan and Abby behind them heading to the field for one of their rounds of competition.

As soon as their part of the competition was over, Jeff & I hightailed it back to Clover, to be here for the Biblical Studies Release Time pancake supper fundraiser.  The different elementary schools perform, and we wanted to get here in time to watch Mason sing – and we got there just in time.  They did a great job.  I am so thrilled that our kids are still able to participate in this program.  I got this picture of our star afterwards.

Friday at the Beach

The entire purpose of us heading to the beach for a couple of days last week was to go with Dennis and Cinnamon to the Coastal Carolina University baseball tournament, where Indiana was to be playing.  And, wouldn’t you know it, as we were driving to the stadium for the game it started pouring down rain.  We went to the college bookstore to kill time until it let up, and when it slowed down to a drizzle we headed over to watch the game.  And just as we were getting to the ticket booth they made an announcement that the game was postponed until the following morning.  We were thankful, though, that 1) we hadn’t already paid for a ticket, and 2) we didn’t stand around for hours waiting for them to decide if they would call the game or not.  We did walk up into the stadium itself just to check it out, and got this one glimpse of the Indiana players as they were heading to the dugout to head to their bus.

Since we couldn’t get to the game, we decided instead to go check out the new Top Golf that was just opening that day in Myrtle Beach.  It was fun, and we all had a good time playing together.  I got this picture of my fellow golfers just as we were finishing up 🙂

Thursday at the Beach

Thursday Jeff & I left about mid-morning to head to Myrtle Beach.  The plan was for us to meet Dennis & Cinnamon there for a game at the baseball tournament that Coastal Carolina was hosting – Indiana was due to play.  As it turned out that game got rained out, but it was so much fun visiting with both Boo and Shea (Jeff & I stayed at their house) and Dennis & Cinnamon.  We stopped by to see Boo at his job, and then stopped at the very cool consignment shop to see Shea at work.  They just had some beautiful things.

After that we had an hour or so to kill before either of them got off work, so Boo gave us their pass to Huntington Beach State Park, and we headed down.  It was too cool to get in the water, of course, but just walking on the beach was wonderful.  It’s hard to take your eyes off the water, in fact 🙂

Quiz Team vs Fairfield Middle

All three Clover teams won yesterday again, so we were proud.  Here is June with her sixth grade teammates in action, and a very fired up Mallory behind them serving as timekeeper.

And Mallory, a little more alert once the eighth grade team was in action 🙂

Trampoline Time

I keep baby Keaton usually one day a week, depending on his parents’ work schedule, and Clara is always SO excited when it works out that it’s on a day when I pick her up. She loves playing with him, and he loves being outside, so this week everything came together perfectly 🙂

Augusta Visit

Last weekend I headed out Friday afternoon for to spend the weekend with Sherri and Gary.  It was just a wonderful time, but I did not take a single picture all weekend until I realized that sitting in church Sunday morning, & took this quick one of Gary in the pulpit so I would have something to put on here.  Ha.