Hip-O-Kat’s 2nd Anniversary

Friday night Jeff & I went and picked up Maxie & Diane, and headed to Shelby to celebrate with Luke and Amanda at their store.  It was fun, and I got a new (to me) Braves T-shirt and jigsaw puzzle :-).  The band they had playing was a ukulele band called The Dancing Fleas, and they were really good.  The guy in the back was playing a bass ukulele (who knew such a thing existed?), and also happened to be the mayor of Shelby 🙂

Got this great picture of Jeff and Amanda as we were heading out. Fun times.

Live from Nashville

Last night the program at the auditorium was another good one – Live from Nashville:  Country Legends.  Minnie Pearl was hilarious 🙂

I got this picture afterwards of dear friend Charlotte and Bob Dowd on either side of this brother Roger and Roger’s wife Denise. I got a chance to visit with Denise for a while during intermission, which was great fun.

Gail Wallace

Sunday before we left Tennessee we met Gail Wallace, her husband Steve and stepdaughter Grace at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  She and I went to school together from first grade through college, and it was so much fun reconnecting.  Jeff got this picture of us as we were heading out.  Such a great way to end our weekend.

Wedding Reception

My camera battery died before we even got into the reception Saturday night, and my phone was at about 8%, so I got basically no decent pictures from that.  I did get this kind of blurry one of Hillary and her sister and maid-of-honor Rachel watching Josh and Renee in the mother/son dance.

My camera was REALLY low by the time I tried to get this one of three generations on the dance floor together: Jeff, Andrew, and Adam. I’m hoping maybe someone else got them in a picture 🙂

Wedding Day Pix

What a wonderful day we had Saturday, starting off our celebration of Josh and Hillary’s wedding with the traditional Uncles’ lunch for the out-of-town guests.  I got this picture of Andy and the groom during the event.

After the brunch Sherri, Boo, and I made a quick visit to see Ms. Millie – she is in a nursing home now not far from the hotel where we had the brunch. We had great fun talking to her, and were thrilled with how good she looked and sounded.

And then that afternoon at 4:00 was the wedding. It was just beautiful, and just so right for Josh and Hillary. Here is the bride being escorted in by her parents. Just such a special day and night.

Donna and Jody

We got into Franklin yesterday afternoon about 3:30 Tennessee time, and relaxed until Donna and Jody got here to pick us up maybe about 6:30.  We started talking the second we opened the hotel room door and saw their precious faces, and hadn’t stopped when they left the hotel at 11 PM.  They took us to eat at a great place in Nashville, Monell’s – homestyle, around the table – and then drove us around to show us how Nashville had changed.  And it was a lot.  We got this quick picture before we left the restaurant, in front of their Valentine tree.  What an incredibly special evening.

Wednesday Pix

This is the hardest puzzle we’ve done in a long time, and I finally finished it late Tuesday night.  All those branches were a challenge!

At BIG at church Wednesday night we studied the story of Lazarus, and the kids had great fun acting it out. That’s Mason in the blue T-shirt being Jesus, talking to Martha and Mary. We needed more roles for all the kids we had, so little Lee is guarding Lazarus’s tomb 🙂