Fourth of July – Daytime Pix

We celebrated Independence Day with Addie and Lee and the kids that evening.  During the day, though, Jeff got outside and took some pictures of how pretty he has our yard looking.

When we got to Addie & Lee’s, we were so excited to find out Stephanie and Becky & all their families were there.  June got this picture of the three of them.  I thought it turned out so good of them all.

Ebenezer Park

June, Mason, & I didn’t get to go on our Summer Kick Off Adventure until this week.  Between June’s involvement in STArts, and our vacation, this is all we could do.  Wednesday, though, we took a picnic and headed to Ebenezer Park in Rock Hill.  They stayed in the water the entire day except when we were eating lunch, and were especially excited when the ducks came over to swim with them 🙂


Tuesday evening we went with the church kids to play goofy golf in Gastonia.  It was a small group – it’s 4th of July week, plus hot as blazes outside – but those of us who went had a good time.

Back on the golf course

This week we were back out watching Mallory do what she loves best. She plays junior golf in the summer with several girls from maybe a four county area – girls that she will play with or against once the school season rolls around in the fall. We hadn’t seen her play in eight or nine months, so it was fun. She loves it so much.  In this picture she was putting for par, which she made.  I hate I didn’t get a picture of her happy dance after that 🙂

On the Way Home from Indiana

We left French Lick at 6 AM Saturday morning, to head to Goodfellas in Henryville to meet Mark, Susan, Bobby, David, and Marcelene for breakfast.  Charlie and Adam had seen the road signs for Amish buggies when they were there, and asked if there really were any around.  And that morning we saw two on our drive!

Ever since I heard about them, I’d been looking for the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups with less pb & more chocolate.  We found them at a stop in Tennessee, and I was so excited.  We really didn’t like them as well as the originals.  You just can’t mess with perfection 🙂

Lunch at Hagans

Friday when we were in French Lick, Jeff’s niece Leigh came over to visit us at the condo, along with her husband Stephen & her precious boys David and Will.  Stephen is a preacher, and got a call while he was there that a plumber was heading to the church, so he left, but Jeff & I went out to eat lunch with Leigh and the boys.  We went to Hagen’s, a restaurant at one of the historical golf courses in French Lick.  Walter Hagen won the 1924 PGA Championship there, which was pretty cool.  Also delicious.  I got this picture on the porch of the club house.  So nice.

And Jeff got this picture of the beautiful boys and the beautiful flowers as we were heading to the car afterwards.

More from the Zoo

I got this group picture before Arielle & family had to leave the zoo to get home for Bella’s softball practice.  It was in the Amazonia building, right in front of the tarantulas and hissing cockroaches 🙂

We finished up our visit feeding the giraffes.

Mesker Park Zoo

We had a great visit to the Evansville Zoo on Thursday.  They had animals we’d never seen at any other zoo, including this Barasingha.  It looked pretty elk-ish to me, but the sign said that it is one of the few zoos in the country with a breeding program for this particular animal, because the males are so aggressive.  Luckily this one was pretty docile while we were there.

And most of the animals were very active.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a rhino in the water before – I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen one not lying down!  The keeper told us they’d had  to remove the horn due to health issues, but it is in the process of growing back.  Very cool.

Thursday morning birds

Thursday morning we got up early to head out & meet Arielle & her kids at the zoo in Evansville.  Jeff didn’t get to go with us, since he had to stay at the condo & work on getting a flat tire repaired, but Lindee, Mallory, Clara & I hit the road.  Before we’d gone far, though, just as we were crossing over Patoka Lake, eagle-eyed Clara, in fact, spotted a bald eagle up in a tree.  I’m not sure I had ever seen a bald eagle in the wild before.  Very cool.

From there it was on to the Mesker Park Zoo – the oldest zoo in Indiana.  We loved that our first animal siting there was this beautiful bird – what a way to kick off our day!