Saturday’s Overnight at the Zoo – Part 1

Saturday our Tween group at church – 4th, 5th, & 6th graders – loaded up and left about 2 PM for the Greenville Zoo, for an over night behind-the-scenes adventure.  We got there and carried our sleeping bags & such up to the very top of the hill, to the education center where we would be spending the night.  Then after a meeting where everyone got the rules, we went behind the scenes to visit the lions, which was very cool.  And as we were standing there looking at and learning about the lions, we looked over, and there was this giraffe in the building next door, checking us out.  It was sooooo funny.

I got this picture later on in the evening, when we were meeting the animals. Jeni, our tour guide, brought in several animals for the kids to pet and get up close & personal with. It was so much fun and so exciting that I got virtually no pictures of that happening, but I did get this picture of Clara, and most of Adam, hanging on every word she had to say. The kids really were good the whole time – what a great experience.

Fourth of July

I accidentally skipped this entry, mostly because our 4th of July was so low key – we really did absolutely nothing!  That morning Lindee had to work, though, and Jackson was playing golf, so Clara came over to spend a few hours.  She was proud to have finished up her clothespin trivet – and proudly painted it in red, white, and blue to celebrate the holiday!

Forty Acre Rock

I have truly wanted to go to Forty Acre Rock since the first time I heard of it, when Lindee visited there with a biology class when she was at Winthrop. This morning Jeff & I stopped and picked up Charlie and Adam early so we could get out there before it got too hot. It really was pretty crazy looking – sort of like walking on the moon. Wow.

It’s not a state park, but a Heritage Preserve, so we spent some time hiking – including the one that took us to the rock outcroppings. It was a pretty strenuous hike – but so cool when we got there!

Fourth of July Dessert

Yesterday while the kids were all here we made Fourth of July Dessert Cheeseballs.  They were delicious, and the kids had a good time.  Here they are dividing up the vanilla wafers and animal crackers to bag up for every family to take home 🙂

Monday Pix

Yesterday morning Jeff and I were at the golf course for the first time since Mallory’s school season was over last fall.  She is playing Junior Golf this summer, and we took her to her match this week, and followed around to cheer her on.  She scored her best score ever on that particular course on the front nine, and had never played the back nine, so even though she was a little disappointed in her score, I think, we could not believe how much she’d improved since last fall.

Then last night was our annual summer cousin’s sleepover. Jeff had been hard at work for a few weeks, fixing up the basement to be a Grandkids Lounge as a surprise for them all, and they were so excited when they got here and Jeff gave the big reveal. He’s got the ping pong table back out, and has fixed them up a TV area, and they are SO excited 🙂

Saturday Pix

We have a new friend who has started coming to greet us in our back yard in the mornings.  Sometimes he even puffs up and spreads out his tail just like a Thanksgiving turkey, but we haven’t been REAL successful in getting pictures of that.

Saturday night Jeff & I headed into Charlotte, to the Neighborhood Theater in the NoDa district, to check out one of our favorite regional bands, Sons of Bill. I had never seen them live, and lots of friends were there, so it was a good evening.

Tuesday Pix

When Adam and I woke up this morning, Jeff had already been outside taking pictures of the deer outside in the backyard – before it was even really daylight.  I hate we missed them, but am glad he got pictures.

Today our kids’ church group went to check out the waterpark at the Y in Lake Wylie. So much fun – we’re to go back again next week, and we can’t wait.  Front row”  Michael, Carly Beth, Ryland, Carter, June, Paige, Julian.  Back row:  Emma, Mason, Jacob, Adam, Gavin, Skylar, Chloe, Aidan.