Saturday Pix

Friday night four of the cousins slept over, and it was a good time.  I had promised Charlie the next time he came over we’d make lemon pies, so Saturday morning while we were waiting for it to warm up enough for them to get outside, we got busy doing a little baking.  Here is Mason, still in his bathrobe, pouring the milk in the pan to get started on the filling.100_6943

I don’t remember when our azaleas have had as many buds on the bushes as they do this year, so we were very, very worried about them that night when the temps were due to drop down to the mid 20’s.  We drug out every sheet we could find in the house to cover up what we could.  Our yard was definitely looking a little weird.  I told Jeff if we had enough white sheets we could make these ghosts for his Haunted Trail next Halloween 🙂100_6948

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