Saturday Night in Rock Hill

What a fun time Saturday night turned out to be.  My friend Meg & her daughter Hope were taking me out for supper & to the Billy Graham Library’s Christmas celebration as a late birthday present.  We had a delicious supper at Jim & Nick’s, & then headed to Charlotte.  However, after spending about an hour sitting in various car lines, and being shuttled back & for between parking lots, we found out that, in fact, all of the lots were full and closed.  So we made up a plan B – we headed to Rock Hill, to look at their beautiful lights downtown again – Meg & I had seen them the night before when we drove through there going to Elise’s concert.  They were beautiful, & it was such a nice night we got out & walked around the new park they’ve built there, which includes the tallest fountain in the state of South Carolina.  It was pretty impressive.untitled

We remembered after we got downtown – and after we saw the Roman Centurions riding on their horses down the street – that one of the big churches was having their Living Nativity Scene that night, so we walked over to that.  It was just so meaningful, as they always are.  This was the last scene, of course, of the actual manger, with the angel announcing Jesus’s birth.  The poor baby was sleepy and crying, just like I’m sure Jesus was that first Christmas night.  It was a wonderful addition to my holiday celebration.untitled

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