Wednesday Visiting

Last Wednesday Jeff & I headed out for a little while. It was Clara’s birthday, so our first stop was dropping off her present at her house. Harry Potter cookies. Her house is Slitherin, so we got her picture holding one of those. She seemed really excited.

From there we headed to Rock Hill, to take supper to Andrew & family. It was supposed to be Jenny’s first day back at work since Andrew broke his hand, and we weren’t sure how him cooking was going to go. As it turned out they let Jenny have the entire week off, but I’d already boiled the eggs to devil them for that many people, so just went ahead and took supper over. Andrew was a little groggy from the pain medicine they’d given him, but not too bad. It was almost the first time we’d really had a chance to visit with them since the pandemic began, so it was a wonderful day in my book – although still so sorry about Andrew’s hand, of course.