At The Peach Tree

Yesterday when I picked June and Mason up from school we headed to The Peach Tree for some of their yummy ice cream for an after school snack.  Haunted Trail items are all over our house and yard, so we weren’t able to come back here 🙂  Mason went with a cookies and cream cone, but June wanted candy corn topping, so she got her cherry something-or-other in a cup 🙂

My original plan had been to eat our ice cream and then head over to check out a new walking trail that I’d heard about in York. BUT, as it turned out, a tiny kitten came out to visit from the house next door, so there was no chance of us getting out of there in a timely fashion. June took my camera and made about a gazillion pictures of the little cutie, which they promptly named Pumpkin Spice 🙂

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