Grandparents Lunch

This week at Mason’s preschool at Clover Presbyterian Church, they are celebrating Grandparents Day by inviting the grandparents to bring their lunch & come eat with the kids.  Yesterday I stopped & got us some KFC, & Jeff met us there for the big day.  I got to meet his teacher, Miss Sandy, & the director is a friend from church,  so we had a good time visiting with them, too.get-attachment

That afternoon, when I took Mal & Clara to dance, one of the studios was flooded due to a leak.  SO, Mallory & Clara had to take their classes together.  I was hoping to get a picture of that, but they weren’t standing on the same side of the studio.  You can pick out Mallory, who is to be an angel in their upcoming Nutcracker performance – she’s the one in black facing the camera.  Another good day…get-attachment

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