Wednesday with June

Yesterday morning Jeff & I headed into Larne Elementary School to see June and all the other fifth graders present their Title One program for the year.  Each team of two drew from a jar, and got a different environmental problem to brainstorm and address in a new way, and then created a project to present to parents and their classmates.  June & Allie were to address people surviving floods, and they built a house on wheels that could be towed to a safer place.  Here they are demonstrating it.  I thought that was incredibly creative.

Then yesterday afternoon June and I went to the program at the library in town presented by Riverbanks Zoo: Animal Behavior 101. It was the first big kids program that June had been able to go to, and in fact, she was not technically quite old enough, but the last time we were there the children’s librarian chased us out of the building and told us to come anyway :-). It was great. There were a couple of small animals there, including this huge African bullfrog.

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