Grandparents Day and the Haunted Trail

Yesterday we kicked our day off bright and early, heading to pick June and Mason up, and getting to Larne Elementary School for Grandparents Breakfast. It is always fun to see where they spend their days, and to talk to their teachers. I thought this picture I snapped of the kids with their Papa turned out so good!

As soon as we got home work commenced on the Haunted Trail, which is coming up Sunday night. Jackson came over to help Jeff, and I headed out to Aldi’s to get supplies for hotdogs and somemores on the campfire, and a few other goodies Jeff needed for his displays. When I got back I took a little nap, and then went out to help him by filling up all the tiki torches that he’d put up all around the trail. As I was making my way around, I came upon several packs of rats he’d dropped off, some including spiders. So glad they are plastic. They were still kind of gross.

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