More Tuesday Pictures

Here are a couple of more pictures from our visit into the city on Tuesday when we were on vacation.  This first one is a picture of the statue of John C. Calhoun, who was from South Carolina, and was vice president under maybe Andrew Jackson?  I never took South Carolina history in school, so can’t remember for sure.  Anyway, here is an interesting story.  There are statues ALL OVER the Capitol.  In addition to all those of presidents, etc., every state is allowed to place two statues in the Capitol.  South Carolina donated statues of Calhoun and of Wade Hampton, who was a Civil War hero.  Here’s the thing:  the statue of Wade Hampton is missing.  No one can find it.  It was in the Capitol at one time – there are records of it being there – but at this time, it can’t be located.  Hilarious!get-attachment

Mallory’s favorite animal in the amazing Mammal Hall at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History was this huge giraffe, which was mounted with this tongue out, as though he were eating leaves.  I hate the picture didn’t turn out any better – it’s one she specifically asked me to take for her.  Still, a good day all in all.get-attachment

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