Checkerboard Cake

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, when four of the six grand ones were here, we tried our hand at making a checkerboard cake.  We had no reason to believe it would turn out at all – before we put icing on it, we christened it The Dr. Seuss Cake.  It was crazy looking.  But after caulking it together with icing – and it took a batch of homemade icing and TWO cans of store bought frosting, it was quite the hit when we took it to the Smith Family Christmas party on Saturday 🙂img_20161125_130616

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  1. Frost the outside of the cake with buttercream, then finish off the cake with a ruffled buttercream border and sprinkles. For extra stability, smear a touch of buttercream on the inner ring of each cake before putting them all back together.

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