Christmas Week – Monday

Finally got our tree put up this week. We won’t be celebrating with our kids & grandkids until the Saturday after New Years, so we didn’t want to get it too early. Charlie & Adam were here Monday, so they went with us to cut one down. Penlands, where we always get our trees, was closed for the season (!) so we tried a new place, Lutz’s, on the other side of town. The boys had a great time, and then we stopped and picked up June and Mason in town, & they were here to help decorate it that afternoon.


Then that evening my friend Sherry and I took our grandsons to go on a camel ride at Narroway Theater in Fort Mill.  Alas, when we got there the camel handler had called in sick, so we didn’t get to do that.  I think Sherry & I were more disappointed than the boys were.  Here they are before we loaded up the cars and headed back to McDonalds:  Adam, Sherry’s grandson Will, Mason, and Charlie.  It was a good day.100_8824

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