Another Birthday Blessing

Meg had told me earlier in the month that she had another birthday present for me, but she needed to wait until Hope was with her to give it to me. I didn’t understand, but I thought, OK. So Sunday afternoon after the Panthers game the two of them came over & gave it to me. Obviously I am still getting over the flu in this picture, but I was SO excited/pleased/touched when I opened it.

Back in the spring Hope came over several times to take pictures in our woods for her photography class.  She always tried to work it out to be here on days when Mallory and Clara were, too.  This is a picture that Mallory actually took with Hope’s camera, of Hope carrying Clara up our driveway.  She had a print made with the quote from I Corinthians 13 on it.  Needless to say, I absolutely love it.  What a great way to kick off Thanksgiving week.100_8630

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