Wednesday’s activities

When June and Mason got here after school yesterday they had a snack and then played outside a while, and then came inside to do their homework.  Afterwards we made Dream Pies.  June had fun making designs with the condensed milk she was adding to the mix.  She asked if I thought if that was how her dad started his art career :-).

They are both SO excited that they get to go back to BIG at church this year. Last year I took Mal & Clara to dance on Wednesdays, so we didn’t get to go. Yesterday was our kick off event, and it went great.  We had 30+ kids there, I believe, and they had a ball.  They played on the playground, and then came inside for popsicles and a Bible story.  And THEN back outside to do some finger painting of God’s beautiful creation.  It was a great evening.IMG_20150916_191315

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