Saturday morning it was back to Rock Hill to be there for Charlie & Adam’s last baseball games of the season.  They’ve had a good time, & we’ve had a good time watching them play.  The last few games Adam’s T-ball league turned into coach pitch, which they kids all seemed to enjoy.  Adam managed to connect with the ball most every time, and here he is standing on third base, waiting for his chance to score.get-attachment


They play in a league formed by Catawba Baptist Church, which has been a really good experience for them.  Here is Charlie’s team after their final game, waiting to receive their trophies.  That’s Charlie on the end – #8 – and that’s the preacher giving a little devotion and saying the prayer.  As it turns out, the preacher is the son of Bobby Richardson, who played for the Yankees back in the Mickey Mantle days.  Jeff had a great time talking to the preacher after the festivities were over – that was definitely his baseball card heyday, so just made the day even more special.untitled

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