Adam’s Kindergarten Program

Rosewood Elementary isn’t holding a kindergarten graduation ceremony this year per se, but yesterday morning was Adam and his classmates’ end-of-the-year program.  It was so cute.  They sang several songs, including some in French, since he is in a French Immersion Program, and one where they thanked God for all the different parts of the body he made.  Then they all went off stage, and came back on in different groups to perform The Giraffe Can’t Dance.  I was unfamiliar with that book, but the program was SO cute.  They listed all the different animals and how they did different dances – one animal did jazz dancing, and a group of kids came out and did that, and then another came out and waltzed, and another did rock & roll.  One really cute one was the flamingos who did ballet.  All the little girls in that group wore pink dresses – not matching dresses, just whatever they had that was pink.  So cute.  Adam was with the Tangoing Lions, and I could not believe how they got these kids to actually do the dances.  We’re pretty sure he’s going to be on Dancing With the Stars some day :-).  That’s him in the grey shirt, dancing with his friend Olivia.  So, so cute.100_7367

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