Adam’s last wrestling match

Last night Adam and his Sullivan Middle School teammates wrestled in a four way match here at Clover Middle School. Lindee brought Clara out to watch him in action – she’d been wanting to watch some of her friends who are on the Clover team – and I got this picture of her with him […]

Surprise Snow Pix

Last week when I was quarantining in the bedroom we got our second big snow of the week. That is almost unheard of in our area, and I had to content myself with looking at it outside the window in there. I was so excited when I finally got out of prison and saw that […]

Snow #1

I got this picture before covid got me, of our first snow of the year. It really was mostly ice, but I thought it was so pretty looking down into the woods from our back deck.

Family Christmas Celebration

We didn’t celebrate Christmas with our kids and grandkids until after the first of the year, and I just realized I never did post pictures on here. Here are the grands – everyone of them the light of my life.

More Puzzling

Haven’t done any puzzle working since I got covid, but am just now getting out of quarantine enough to get pictures downloaded that I took before I got sick.  We got several new puzzles for Christmas which managed to keep us entertained earlier this month when it was so cold outside.  This one was kind […]

Church League Basketball

I have not taken any pictures since before I got sick, and have just now gotten the most recent ones from before then downloaded. Saturday a week ago we were at Charlie & Adam’s basketball – the first one we have been to in a long, long time, since last year no spectators were allowed […]


We got lots of jigsaw puzzles for Christmas – among others, Jeff & I got each other one – and they were great entertainment while we were stuck inside during all of the bad weather we’ve been having. I haven’t worked on any since I came down with Covid last week – quarantining in the […]

Yesterday’s Wrestling Match

Yesterday Jeff & I headed to Rock Hill to Dutchman Creek Middle School to see Adam compete with his wrestling team. I got this one picture of him in action, on his way to victory over his opponent in a bigger weight class. We were so proud.