A Walk in the Woods

Today Jeff & I took a quick amble around our woods – I had an appointment for a pedicure, so didn’t have a ton of time to tarry. Jeff walked in front to knock down any spider webs that had gathered since the last time we were through there 🙂

Today’s Pix

This morning I headed over to visit Adam, who fell Sunday at the BMX track in Boiling Springs and broke his arm :-(. He had his appointment with the ortho late this afternoon, and they decided not to put a cast on it – they are going with a hard splint to start with. With […]

At Chester Golf Club

We were back on the golf course today, watching Mallory in action. She didn’t have her best score of the season, but she had moments when she played unbelievably well. We were proud! That’s her in the green.

Clark’s Hill Lake

Addie, Lee, June, Mason, & I headed out early this morning to spend the day at Clark’s Hill Lake with Sherri and Gary. What a great, great time we had. We ate and talked and some went kayaking and some went swimming. And some went boat riding and tubing. Just such a fun time.

Dirt Work

I got this picture yesterday of Jeff busy on his new project – leveling up the front yard. It gets so hot that he can only work on it very early in the morning or late in the evenings, so it’s so going – but it is coming along.

Today’s flower pix

I had my camera outside today, & took a picture of our pot overflowing with hens and chicks. Not really a flower, but a healthy plant, for sure 🙂 At June’s birthday party over the weekend, they made tissue paper flowers as their craft. And she made one for me, which she gave me when […]

Grand Ferrets

Yesterday evening Jeff & I went to Addie’s house to take June her birthday present, and to meet her ferrets – her birthday present from her mom & dad. Unfortunately, not a single picture I took of June with them turned out, but here is Franklin, the larger one and the brother… And Mason showing […]

Saturday Pix

Yesterday morning Lee and June stopped by to pick up the card table and chairs to use for June’s birthday party – yesterday she turned thirteen! I got my very first picture of her as a thirteen year old while she was here 🙂 The guys came and had a workday at Gran’s, so I […]