Hal the Cat

I’m pretty sure our cat Hal loves the frigid temps we had last week.  Normally she’s an outside cat, but when it gets that cold we let her stay inside.  She was pretty happy with that situation 🙂

Last day of Christmas Break

It’s been such a busy month so far that I am just now getting pictures downloaded since the first of the year.  The last day of the kids’ winter break, which was January 3, I think, four of the six grands spent the day here.  First thing that morning we got chicken in the crockpot […]

A couple more pictures from Saturday

I got this one picture of the outside of the Grove Park Inn as we were standing down on the walkways and decks in the back of the hotel, looking up.  It was just absolutely beautiful. Home to celebrate Christmas with the kids and grandkids, after we’d have to postpone it from the week before […]