More Washington Pix

Possibly my favorite thing in the entire museum was the Wright Brothers plane. The actual First in Flight plane. How is that even possible? The museum had replaced the fabric, although the original fabric was on display in a case there in the exhibit, and one of the propellers had broken on a subsequent flight, […]

Saturday in Washington

The day – and night – in Washington really did exceed my wildest dreams. We had no problems driving into the city and parking, and headed straight to the metro for a ride to the Air and Space Museum. We could have ridden, but Mallory really wanted Charlie to have this experience. Including riding the […]

Off to Washington

Finally getting pictures downloaded from our amazing trip this past weekend. We left York County right at 1 Friday afternoon, and arrived in Springfield, VA, to spend the night maybe around 9 pm. It had been a long time since Charlie had spent the night in a motel, and he loved every single thing about […]

Thursday pix

Mallory and Clara have been after me to take pictures of Kimbrell’s Dr. Seuss nursery, so I finally thought to do it when I was at her house picking her up this week. Here is her book wall – so cute 🙂 It was a crazy day.  I went to pick up Kimbrell, which I […]

Light Bulb Art

I am so sorry that I haven’t figured out yet how to get rotated pictures to download here from my new camera – obviously I still have more work to do! This week, though, our craft project involved painted light bulbs. The original instructions were for making lightbulb penguins, but this crazy crew was not […]