Sunday pix

This past Sunday was out class’s turn again to put out a story for display in the hallway leading up to the sanctuary.  Here are Rylan, Lee, and Matty after they helped put out the display for The Ten Best Ways. By the fourth day of Jeff Fest they were about done in :-).  We […]

Jeff’s 60th birthday party

What an absolutely wonderful time we had at the party the kids hosted for Jeff’s 60th birthday Saturday night.  They had worked so hard on it, & it was just perfect.  It was at Lindee & Jackson’s house, and Jackson had worked hard, and even with the six solid weeks of rain we’d had leading […]

2Friday I went to Momma’s to hang out with her and give Jeff & Johnny a chance to be together. Then that night we met Jeff’s brother Dennis in Charlotte at a place where the Indiana alumni association was supposed to be streaming the first IU game of the season. That got cancelled, but we […]

Jeff’s birthday surprise

This weekend is Jeff’s 60th birthday, & the kids have what sounds like a great party planned.  For his first big surprise, his cousin Johnny flew in from Indiana for the weekend.  To say that Jeff was, indeed, surprised is putting it mildly.  I drove up in the driveway after picking Johnny up at the […]

Larne’s Veterans Day Program

Wednesday morning I think all of the kids in York County participated in big Veterans Day programs at their schools. Jeff went to the Veterans breakfast at Rosewood with Charlie and Adam, and then attended the program where they both performed, and said it was absolutely excellent. I went to Larne to see June sing […]

Sleeping Cousins

Saturday night after Lindee’s birthday party June, Mason, and Charlie all slept over.  They had great fun playing until about 10, when we turned on the Monsters U movie, and I crashed immediately.  I have no idea how long they stayed awake, but when I woke up in the middle of the night to check […]

Lindee’s 40th birthday surprise

      Saturday night we celebrated Lindee’s birthday with supper here at our house.  Jackson had taken her out to the new James Bond movie the night before, and they are going on a week’s vacation to celebrate her birthday and their 15th anniversary later in the month, so she just wanted something low […]