Making Peanut Brittle

I have been slack about downloading pictures lately, so have a few days to catch up on.  A couple of weeks ago when Mallory & Clara were here we made peanut brittle.  It was my turn that night to take refreshments to circle meeting at church, so I decided to make some to go with […]

Charlotte on our Trip

Sunday morning – the last day of my birthday trip – we got a few final pictures of the Big Mill Inn before we headed out.  Here is my dear, dear friend Charlotte by the sign out front. We spent the morning touring Bath, NC, the oldest town in the state.  We had driven through the night […]

Back to the B & B

How lovely the inn was after dark!  The night before, when we’d checked in, it had still be daylight, and we just stayed in the room & chilled for the rest of the evening, so we never went back outside to see how pretty the Big Mill Inn looked all lit up!

Saturday on Our Trip

As it turned out, Charlotte had chosen where we would go on my birthday trip so we could tour the Hope Plantation.  She said she started looking for historical sites in the Carolinas, & when she found one named Hope she knew that was where we had to go :-).  We got there just as […]

Birthday Trip

Last Friday my friend Charlotte picked me up at 8 AM sharp, for us to head out on my Destination Unknown Birthday Trip.  What a great, great weekend we had!  We headed into NC & turned east – and the whole time I had no idea where we were going.  It was a beautiful day […]

Pizza Man Night

Tuesday night was the fundraiser at Pizza Man in town for Bethany Elementary School.  I had kept Mallory at home that day from school, but she was feeling good enough to go get pizza that evening :-).  For the treat this month, Lindee had jars of candy for the kids to guess the number of […]

At the Auditorium

Last Monday night Meg shared her tickets with me for the program at the auditorium in town, and Addie went with me to take June, Clara, & Mason.  Mallory had planned on going, but she was running a fever when she got home from school – luckily the fourth graders had gotten to go during the […]

Sunday after my Party

Sunday morning after my birthday party I headed to Rock Hill, where I met Andy, Amy, & Liz at their hotel, & we sat & drank tea and coffee, & visited a while longer.  Nathan and Mia had already hit the road for home.  Then when they left I headed over to Susan & Ross’s […]

More Birthday Party Pix

I tried to get pictures of me with everyone who came to the party.  I think I did, but not all of them ended up on my camera.  Here I am with Joe, the guy I’ve worked for for 25+ years, and his wife Sandy. And with Zollie and his family:  Zol, Renee, Olivia, Rachel, […]