In Waxhaw

Earlier this week Jeff’s brother Dennis e-mailed me that there was a special exhibit in Waxhaw of memorabilia from Lucille Ball.  She is one of my favorites, so Jeff & I headed up there to meet Dennis after Charlie’s game this morning.  This was the cutout that was right by the door as we walked in.

There were several different costumes from the show. This was one that wasn’t really used in the show, because after it was made it didn’t show up well on the TV camera, but was used in the movie Lucy and Desi made, The Long, Long Trailer. The tour guide was actually the man who owned all this memorabilia, and he said that this dress is now so fragile that this will very likely be the last time it will be on display.

After we finished up at the Lucy exhibit, we spent some time walking around downtown Waxhaw, which is just such a cool little town. Dennis definitely wanted us to walk over the bridge over the railroad tracks, originally built in 1888 & restored in 2008. It was such a good day.