Some Catching Up

With no internet at home now, I’m a little behind on my picture posting, but am trying to get a little bit of catching up done today.  These are from LAST Friday – ten days ago now.  It had been raining all week, and still was that day, so Mason & I decided to go ahead & spend the morning making sugar cookies.  Rolling anything out with flour is surely one of the messiest kitchen jobs there is – but also one of the funnest.  We also made baskets out of paper plates to put the cookies in.  Here is Mason decorating his paper plates before we got them all stapled together.100_7113


Mase and I got the cookies baked before lunch and naptime, so they were ready when June got there after school for us to ice and decorate.  This was sort of a last minute plan, so luckily we still had some icing in the refrigerator that Mason had colored when he made a zombie caterpillar a while before.  The cookies were sort of drab looking, which matched the weather perfectly.100_7117

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