Clara is well – at last!

Poor Clara.  She got sick on Valentine’s Day, and even though she went to school and tried to make it through her party, she just couldn’t do it, and Lindee ended up taking her on to the doctor.  She was diagnosed with a virus, & spent the next six days running very high fevers, and having some pretty serious stomach issues – a scary combination.  The following Monday the kids were out of school for Presidents Day; then Tuesday they were out for the bad weather.  Wednesday the fever was starting to come down, but not enough for her to go to school.  I went out & stayed with her at their house.  About noon that day she was well!  She was up laughing and we played games and just had such fun.  She even felt like helping me make a chicken pot pie for her family for supper.  It is SO much nicer when the little ones are feeling good!100_6815

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