Sports Saturday

Friday night after our festival at church, June spent the night with me. We got up early Saturday morning, and hit the road for Rock Hill to watch Charlie compete in his final cross country race of the season, what they called a Friendly Race, at Southpointe High School there in town. There really were only about ten or fifteen runners from each school, and it was a cold morning. We climbed to the top of the bleachers to watch, because you could see a lot of the course from there – and it was a VERY cold morning up there :-). I got this picture of Charlie in action as he was coming back in to the football field to the finish line.

After the race we went with Andrew, Jenny, Charlie, and Ellison to TJ’s for a yummy late breakfast, and then June & I headed to Charlotte to watch Clara play soccer. The match ended in a tie, but they played really well. Then it was straight to take June home so she could get ready for a Halloween party that night. Fun times.