Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge

This week is National Wildlife Refuge Week, and the National Park Service asked people to go to their nearest national wildlife refuge and take a 5K hike. So Sunday after church Meg and I headed to Wadesboro. We stopped for a killer bbq lunch in Monroe, and then went on. Pee Dee is a beautiful place. It’s towards the coast from here, so flatter – I’d seen online that the hikes were described as “gentle.” And they really weren’t bad at all. Most of the refuge is for hunting and fishing, but there is a small corner that is strictly for hiking, so that’s where we stayed, needless to say. There was a tree down across the main road through the hiking area, so we couldn’t do all of the trails, but found enough short ones to add up to our 3.1 miles. Pretty cool water views – some lakes, some swamps.

There was a really nice nature trail with all kinds of signs explaining different things you might see, and we enjoyed seeing those. We found several of these small acorns on the trail that we learned about from this sign. Great afternoon.