Tuesday Pictures


Yesterday morning I went out & picked Mallory & Clara up to come spend the day while they were out of school, and their mom and dad were working.  Almost as soon as we walked in the door when we got back here to the house, Andrew called & said Jenny was sick, so the three of us jumped back in the car and headed to Rock Hill to pick up Charlie & Adam.  They don’t get just a ton of playing together time any more, especially during the school year, so the cousins were excited to be able to hang out together.  They helped me make fudge for a get together I was going to that night, which is always fun – and yummy.100_6551

We also worked on a craft project – Christmas trees out of magazines.  I had no idea how these would go over, or if the kids would even be able to make them, but they did an amazingly good job, I thought, & really seemed to enjoy making them.  It was a good day.100_6556

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