Celebrating the season

Friday Mason came to spend the day, as usual.  And when Jeff got home from work we ate lunch real quick, and then headed out to Penland Christmas Tree Farm to get out tree.  Mason had been earlier with his family, so he was able to give us the grand tour.  The good news was that because we went in the middle of the day during the week, it wasn’t crowded at all.  That had NOT been the case when he’d been there before.  Here he is posing at one of several picture sites they have set up 🙂untitled

June came over after school, and since they were planning on coming early the next morning to visit while their mom & dad went & finished up their Christmas shopping, we just decided they would spend the night.  That meant they got to go with Meg & me that evening to Rock Hill to Elise’s Christmas concert.  That worked out well, because Boo & Shea weren’t able to be there that night, having Christmas parties to attend.  It scared us a little bit when the concert opened, because Elise wasn’t on stage with the rest of the choir, but she came out in the second half.  I couldn’t get a good picture of her on stage, and certainly not one that wasn’t blurry, since I wasn’t using a flash, but she’s in the blue shirt, on the end of the back row.  They did a great, great job.  Very festive!untitled

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