Thanksgiving Break

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving the kids were out of school, and four of the six grand ones spent the day here.  Charlie & Adam got to come & hang out with Mallory & Clara, which was fun, because normally Char & Adam aren’t here that often.  We spent the day making crepes.  It was literally a day long affair, by the time we made the chicken and mushroom filling in the morning, then after lunch made the batter, & then after nap actually did the cooking.  Here is Charlie adding the water to the blender for the batter.untitled

After we finally finished the crepes, before the kids went outside to play with Jeff, we did a science experiment – making Cartesian Divers, just like we’d done with June & Mason earlier.  And just like with those two, the kids loved it – once we got them all to work :-).  It was such a good day having the four of them here together.untitled

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