Charlestown High Gym

We spent the day yesterday with Jeff’s mom & dad – drove around to see all the new additions to the town in the past year, ate lunch at the traditional Copper Kettle (their favorite restaurant there in town), and then hung out for the afternoon until time to watch the Indiana basketball game. During the afternoon Jeff & I walked over to the high school to check out the gym. We were able to get in, & it was fun seeing all the displays there. I knew that Indiana just had the one class of high school sports for a lot longer than many places did, and sure enough there was this plaque commemorating the final year. Pretty cool.

We walked around & checked everything out, and then started walking back to the house. As we were crossing the parking lot a car came up behind us and honked its horn, and it turned out to be friends of Jeff’s (and now mine) from high school. They live in Charlestown but had never been in the gym since it was built several years ago, so we went back & walked around with them inside it again. I got this picture of Jeff & David under their cross country and track team champion team pix :-). Good times.