Carl Sandburg Home, Part 1

Today Mallory, Charlie, Clara, Adam, & I were off on our second Christmas Break Adventure, to visit the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site.  I have been driving past the sign on the interstate for forty years and never been to see it, so today I roped the kids into going with me.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be outside in the mountains.  I got this picture of the house from the parking lot – and yes, we had to climb that hill to get to the house 🙂

Probably our favorite part of the visit – the kids’ especially – was the goat herd.  Carl’s wife Lillian was a champion goat breeder, one of the first to use truly scientific methods of breeding, and the goats are descendants of the herds she had when they lived there.  They were great.  You couldn’t feed them, so they were very used to being petted, but didn’t come running up jumping on you & begging for food.