Highland Waterfalls

Sunday morning Charlotte & I went to church at Highlands FUMC, then ran back to the room to change into our play clothes and grab a snack, and then we were off to check out the local waterfalls.  First stop was Bridal Veil Falls.  At one time you could drive behind it, but the road is too unstable now, to it is blocked.  You could stand behind it, though, and Charlotte got this picture of me doing that.

From there we drove down the very curvy Highway 64 to Dry Falls, so named not because they are dry – we wondered about that – but because you can walk behind them and stay (mostly) dry.  You could walk on around to the other side of the falls, and I took this picture from there.  It was a beautiful day to be out visiting the falls – but then, any day is good to visit a waterfall.