Tuesday Afternoon Pix

Tuesday afternoon when Mallory & Clara got here after school, we got busy on our final Halloween craft of the year.  Actually Mal has been sick for a couple of days with a severe sinus headache, so we thought she might just want us to stay at their house & let her rest, but she knew we had this craft on the agenda, so she decided she wanted to come on over here.  Here she is mixing up her gak – half glue, half starch.  Good & gooey.100_5994

After we finished up with that, Jeff was heading down to work on the trail, taking things down.  I stayed up at the house to get a few things done, but the girls both headed down with him, with my camera in hand, and had great fun taking pictures of the trail in the daytime before it was all dismantled.  Here are a couple of pictures they captured :-100_6010



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